Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kentucky Christmas

Our little elf looking for Gram and Pop before we land in Kentucky

It was originally planned that Justin's family would come down to have a Texas Christmas this year. Then we heard news of my father-in-law, Bill, having to do radiation for prostate cancer. We knew it was definitely the best option that we travel up there so he could start his radiation treatment as soon as possible...more about that later.

We stayed 6 days and would you believe that it snowed more here in Texas than up there? Who would've thought? The boys had the best time at their Gram and Pop's house. They just pick up right where we left off and play like crazy like they've never missed a beat seeing them. I love that. Nolan and Campbell are really close in age to our nieces and it's so great that they play so well together and have so much fun.
Pop reading with Campbell and Nolan
baking chocolate chip cookies with Gram
all the McDonald cousinsCampbell, Justin and Neala

Opening gifts was crazy. I think I missed half of what everyone got each other because the kids aren't exactly at that "is it my turn to wait patiently and open a gift" stage just yet. Nevertheless, it was fun and Nolan loves his new Wolverine costume. Gram and Pop got him a camera and he took over 200 pictures while we were there. Justin and I looked at them once we got home and were totally cracking up. He took about 20 pictures of the carpet, pictures of feet, Justin sleeping, and a million other random things. I love seeing the world through his funny!

Next we went to see Justin's grandmother, Rosie, in Louisville. She's 89 and emails us all the time. She's one techy granny. We got her a web cam so we can video conference with her with the boys. I can't wait! What 89 year old do you know that video conferences? How cool is that? She'll be blogging before we know it.
Rosie and her four great-grandchildren
playing outside in Rosie's backyard
wrestling with Pop
at Rosie's house playing on the floor

On the way to the airport to come back home, Justin's dad had a radiation treatment and told us that he would try and meet up with us before we took off. He made it just before we left. Well, talk about the perfect ending to the trip...he had just found out that his PSA levels for his cancer were practically immeasurable! He has about a week left of radiation but looks like it worked! What wonderful news to make this Christmas even more perfect.

This Christmas is going to stick out in my head and heart for many years to come. It was so magical. Everything about it... the elf-obsessed son of mine, making cookies, the Polar Express train ride, having a white Christmas, safe travels (minus the throw up in the car incident...could've done without that one), and the wonderful news of Bill's radiation treatments. There's going to be some serious competition to live up to this year's Christmas.
The Kentucky and Texas gang!
The Texas Macks!

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