Sunday, January 31, 2010

Butterfly, schmutterfly

Campbell is very imaginative already. I love that about our children. Nolan will come up with games on his own and play pretend. I guess Campbell just watches his brother and learns. We got Nolan an Elefun game for Christmas. The game is a elephant that has a long trunk and it spits out butterflies and the kids are supposed to catch them with butterfly nets. Campbell seems to enjoy this game even more than Nolan.

He's also found another way to use the net. He wears it as a hat. He looks half gangster/half bank robber when he wears it. He's all well meaning with it though. He'll grab the fridge farm off our refrigerator and he'll say, "bye bye." It's his way of putting on his hat, picking up his suitcase and leaving.

I hope that it's not a sign he wants to leave! I just keep telling myself that he's very creative and imaginative. Go with me on this one, ok?

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