I guess you could say it all started a long time ago. I've always been fascinated with photography. I would look at my grandmother's albums of when she was a little girl and stare at them for hours. I just loved the story that they told and wanted to know more.

When my first son was born in 2005 I became a little mammarazzi taking pictures of his every move wanting to document every precious moment but it was all done with the point and shoot camera. My husband, a graphic artist, wanted to buy a DSLR but I was terrified of touching it and using it. I would every now and then use it on auto but still preferred my point and shoot.

Finally I was tired of being so scared of it and started reading up on it and just playing around on it for two solid years. Finally, I can say proudly that I feel most comfortable shooting in manual. If you would have said that to me in the beginning, I would have called you a liar.

I took some online classes but more than anything, I just practiced learning Photoshop and tweaking photos to get the look I wanted. I started receiving compliments and having a few friends ask if I was interested in photographing their family. I didn't really have the confidence but realized that everyone has to start somewhere. So I began shooting with friends families and trying to build my portfolio.

I still have so much to learn but I'm gaining confidence with each session I do. I'm trying to build this little hobby business on the side all while teaching. Part of me wonders, "What in the world are you doing to yourself?" and the other part is thinking, "What else do I have to lose?"

I'm terrified of beginning this journey having no idea what I'm doing but I know that I have the motivation and conviction to do my best all while trying to juggle being a full time teacher and mother of three. Many prayers have been said and God has never led me astray.

Hence, Rooted in Love Photography was born compliments of a very supportive husband who designed my logo and believes in me.

My ultimate goal in this journey is that my clients will feel that I have left them with photography that evokes emotion of love and moments cherished.

Please come take a look as I stumble and succeed through this journey. 

*Just recently, I turned in my resignation and will now be pursuing photography full time! 

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