Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Operation Nursery

Drum roll please.....TA-DA! Sweet Moses this nursery took forever! This summer will forever be known as the "nursery summer" well among other things like the hottest summer on EARTH!

Things go a lot slower when you've got two energetic boys to run after and referee. Most of it was done during nap times or late at night after they were in bed. I have to say once again, it was Justin doing most of the work. I'm good at generating the ideas...just no follow through. Well, I guess I should say no energy for the follow though!

The Landry circle was compliments of my very talented husband. I couldn't find a vinyl one with just the right Laverne and Shirley "L" I was looking for, so he created this one and painted it...each little polka dot.  

I saw this banner in one of my scrapbooking magazines for a party but I just loved it. So I copied it just using my cricut. What did I do before that thing? That was life B.C. (before cricut). I just hope that since it's made of paper it will hold up.

Majority of things were bought at Target....bedding, lamps, curtains, frames. The rugs and flower hook came from Hobby Lobby


Notice my bow hanger I made using scrapbook paper...can you tell that I'm hoping this girl has hair unlike my bald headed newborn boys?

Lucky enough, this mirror and lamp came from our old guest room and was just collecting dust up in the attic. I'm glad that we were able to use it again!

I took this picture at night so you can see the polka dots on the curtains better. The "you are my sunshine" above her window...another cricut and vinyl invention.

The lighting is not the best on this last one but wanted to include a bigger picture of her room. One thing this girl is going to know is her name! Her name or initial are blasted all over the walls! What can I say, I'm a sucker for monograms and fonts!

My mom is making a table topper for the little table next to the glider and I'm looking for a lamp for that table too, but other than that...I can say that this room is done!

Lord help me if this does not turn out to be a girl!

It was so hard painting over Nolan's old nursery and all the work that went into that room. Just for a walk down memory's what the nursery looked like before we started on Landry's room.

And I love that the room grew with him into having a big boy bed.

 I even dug up this old photo of when I was pregnant with Campbell!

At least Nolan got 5 1/2 good years in that room so it wasn't a waste!


  1. LOVE IT! It looks like something out of a magazine. I'm so excited for you! guys are crazy talented. :-)Mindy Seals

  2. So adorable! I wish I was crafty like you. Can I hire you to come do our nursery?? Lol.

  3. First of all, it looks AMAZING! Landry is a lucky little girl. :-) I need to know how you did the polka dots in the paint on the wall. They are so neat!

  4. Both rooms are amazing! I want to see pics of the boys room. Have they moved in together? Are you going to redecorate for them? you don't have anything else going on ;)

  5. Good job! Landry has a precious room. What a lucky little girl!

    So, I took maternity photos of one of my bestfriends who just had a baby boy named, Landry Michael. Funny how some of the photos are similar to yours!:)


  6. The nursery is just perfect! I love the transformation. You have amazing taste!

  7. I love it. Can you come do my boys rooms when we move? ha ha. Awesome job.



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