Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girls' Getaway

I just got back from a girls' scrapbooking getaway. It was so so so much fun and exactly what I needed being 7 months pregnant and with no break from the boys all day this summer. Last year we went to Memory Lane Inn in McKinney, but this year we went to Tyler because McKinney was booked. It's owned by the same girl who definitely knows how to do things right.

Embarrassingly enough, I didn't take one stinkin' picture while I was there. Justin needed our nice camera for a photo shoot for work so I just had my point and shoot and so I stole some of these pictures off their website and some from my friend, Kelly.

My trip didn't start off so smoothly. Last time we ordered the chef menu which I HIGHLY recommend. Unfortunately, if at least 12 people don't want to order it, then it isn't available. Well, the six of us wanted it but the other group didn't. So that meant packing our own food and ordering out.

But when you have a kitchen that looks like this, it doesn't make it so bad to be in the kitchen.

 But I'm a total airhead and forgot ALL MY FOOD at home! Talk about cutting off a lifeline for a pregnant lady. So I had to make a pit stop and do some shopping once I got into town and I mooched off the other girls too. 

The accommodations were awesome. Everything you could possibly need for scrapbooking that I didn't even leave for 4 days.

There were six of us that stayed in the room. Only three came last year and we added three more girls this year. I was a little nervous about everyone getting along but everyone got along so great and we laughed with each other like we had known each other forever.

We found out that Tyler is quite the happening place and even got to order Chuy's one night. Yum!

The had great sitting areas outside but I was so busy scrappin' that I didn't really utilize any of it. I did take the trash out once but there was some monstrous thunder that scared the living daylights out of me and I hurdled about eight of these bushes. I think everyone got a kick out of my hurdle skills 7 months pregnant. Wasn't really thinking that one through, it was just instinct!

I think the latest we stayed up was 3:30 a.m. Not sure how I did that considering I can hardly keep my eyes open at 10:00 at night normally. I guess I was just in the groove and having too much fun. The best part...that I got 14 spreads complete! WOOHOO! I'm so behind and I'm still only caught up to August of last year. My goal is to get caught up at least through Christmas by the end of the summer. 

These aren't even all of them but I figure I wouldn't bore you completely to tears!  We're already planning our trip for next summer! Wish I could do it more often but with our third one about to make her appearance, I feel lucky to get away this much. I'm so thankful for a husband who knows that I'm a better wife and mother because of these trips.


  1. I love love love this!! I am jealous I need to start scrapbooking just for this reason! I remember you posting about it before and I just love it! Glad you had fun! xoxo

  2. That looks like so much fun. I love that place. Awesome photos. I love all your scrapbooking layouts.



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