Monday, July 4, 2011

Quarterly Top 5 photos

Once again, it's so hard to pick my top 5 photos from the past quarter. Mostly because we've been so busy and we've had warm weather and I think outdoor photos make the best ones. I'm linking up with Amber from Amber's Articles, Click it up a Notch, Naptime Momtog for my Quarterly Top 5 photos.

I took this one last week when my boys were playing catch with my husband in the backyard and I just love my boys' blue eyes and some days they almost glow they're so blue.

I'm expecting in September and this time we're having a girl. We've been working hard on the nursery. It's far from being done but at least it's done enough now that I was actually able to get a photo in there. 

We are so excited about meeting our sweet Landry in 9-10 weeks!

T-ball season is officially over and the Texas triple digit heat really made me second guess my decision to play this summer. But moments like this helped me know that I made the right one and that we're making these kind of memories. 

My youngest son just turned 3 and we had a cookie monster party. This is my favorite photo from the party. We've been working on getting that third finger up for months and he finally got it and I just love that it's focused on his chubby little fingers with his face blurred in the background. 

Lastly, we took this picture on a perfect evening having a playdate in beautiful weather with friends at a nearby park. In photography, you hear about how the "golden hour" is the perfect time to take photos and this picture was one of my best moments of actually capturing the sun kiss. 

I love these quarterly top 5 contests because it forces me to take the time to go through what I've taken recently and really pick out moments in our lives that make me proud of being a mom and/or photographer...even if I'm an amateur.

Amber's Articles


  1. First, Be sure you add your link to the linky on my post I want to make sure you are entered into the give aways.

    Second, I love, love, love the name LANDRY for a girl or a boy. We have talked about using that name in the future.

    Third, what a lovely set of photos. Again, the eyes are GORGEOUS in the first one.

    Fourth, I love the T-ball pic. Such wonderful memories in the making that will long be remembered.

    Thanks for joining us!!

  2. These are terrific! What a clever shot of your baby girl! Congratulations! We had two boys and then a girl; I love it!

  3. WOW! Great shots. I love them all. I posted about yours on my facebook page. I love that last one, but they are all really awesome.

  4. Great Pics. I love your lighting in all of them, but especially the play date one.

  5. I totally did this!:) I credited you for giving me the idea:). Great photos! Also, Landry is too cute. I have a friend who is having a little boy (due date August 1st) and she is going to name Landry. I think girl or boy....sweetness!

    BTW: I especially love the baby bump shot!

  6. First off, congrats on your new blessing coming in Sept! How exciting! I love these photos! Think you have done a fantastic job of going through you past 3 months and picking out your best! I love the t-ball picture! Love that your little one is in focus and the person throwing the ball is out of focus. That "3" photo is perfect! I really meant to do one of those when daughter was 3 but she just turned 4. Another thing fun to do would be to take a picture of how they write their name and put it next to a photo of them holding up their fingers of their age :O) That first one with those wonderful blue eyes is great!! And that lighting in the last one! It doesn't get much better than that :O)



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