Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stockshow 2013

It's that time of year where we're posers and put on some cowboy boots like we're fresh from the farm and go see the Stock Show in Cowtown. After every Stock Show, my children ask when the next one is repeatedly throughout the year.

Too bad in years past we've had boots for everyone. This year my boys outgrew their boots but Campbell didn't let that stop him from dressing the part everywhere else. Nolan said, "No fair, why does Campbell get to dress up? I want to wear my Buzz Lightyear costume." Apparently, he thought that the Stockyards were the same as Halloween.

We held our noses and checked out all the animals. Landry was mesmerized by them all as you can see in the photo above. There was no taking her eyes off that cow. She sure was rockin' those boots.

The boys couldn't go home without riding rides of course. All those rides scare me to death because I see how they fold them and put them in a suitcase when they're done. I can just see a screw falling out and throwing my kids out of it like a boomerang. Thank goodness they want to stick to the kiddie rides still.

Nolan walked the plank while Landry and Daddy watched. Yep, that's a Hot Wheel band-aid she's sporting after a moon walk act she pulled. The tiniest little scratch but that sucker would NOT stop bleeding. By the end, she was looking and acting ragged and so were we.

So maybe we're not the country folk we pose to be, but we're Texan. So that pretty much means we belong anywhere where tractors, cows, and horses are. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kentucky visit

Ok, this is just downright embarassing. I know it's February and I'm posting the LAST of my Christmas pictures. But one day, years from now my kids will be glad I did it even if it was a month late.

Throw me a bone here, I'm working two jobs with three kids so it's amazing that I'm even keeping this thing up anymore.

After we finally made it to Kentucky, it was a great trip! Twenty and a half hours in the car with three children 7 and under made for a very exhausting two days.

The lucky thing is right when I get to Kentucky, I’ve got lots and lots of extra hands for  help. My oldest niece adores Landry and she loves her just as much. She’s so great with her and she was exactly what I needed after hearing the word “mama” at least 645,938,297 times in the car.

I’m pretty sure that the boys favorite place on Earth is being at either one of their grandparents’ houses. They love spending the night and LOVE spending the night in bunk beds at Gram and Pop’s house. I was scared that no one would sleep with all three sleeping in the same room together, but they did surprisingly well.

It snowed while we were in Kentucky and that meant another snow day fun day. Since my kids hardly see it, they love playing in it. I like looking at snow next to a warm toasty fire, but not so much being out in it for more than 10-15 minutes.

We jam packed a lot in 3 days but managed to squeeze in an adult movie (thanks to a very patient mother-in-law) who babysat my kids.

Speaking of others that babysat Landry. My sweet niece babysat Landry. I mean she literally took care of her and watched and entertained her more than anyone that I would pay for babysitting. I love seeing their relationship grow and I love that Landry has a break from her brothers and gets to see her girl cousins.

The boys love playing with their cousins and all their new toys. Before we ever pull out of the driveway, they start talking about how much they’re going to miss Gram and Pop and how they want to come back.

 The drive back was smooth and uneventful! Hallelujah! We actually made it back in record time.


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