Saturday, November 10, 2012

Superhero Halloween

I can't believe it. My children actually let me do a theme again for their costumes. I thought those days were long gone after last year when I had little to no input, on what they were.

But I knew that I might have a winner when I suggested superheroes. We wear capes around these parts like underwear. Some days, it's just capes and underwear, but that's just how it is in a house of two boys.

So superheroes is was...

Batman is the one with the "muscles". Cam is rocking the Superman curl, and Landry....need I say more about her Wonder Woman powers?

I think this is the cheapest I've ever gotten out for Halloween. Landry's costume cost me less than $10. I bought her onesie on eBay and made the rest compliments of tulle, and my Cricut to cut out the stars. 

And Wonder Woman's super power? Why it's insane adorable cuteness, of course! Don't let Justin fool you that he was "helping" her carry her bucket. I think he just went so it was acceptable for him to eat up her candy. I mean I might have helped him out a little, too.

Right before it was time to trick-or-treat we discovered that Campbell had a low grade fever. Nothing like doping your kid up on Motrin so he can go trick-or-treating. That's called quality parenting right there, folks. 

Our neighborhood is pure insanity on Halloween. It's sometimes hard to find room on the sidewalk and people go all out with their decorations.

Check out my dad's "sleeves". If you know my dad it's hilarious to even think that he would consider wearing these. His tats didn't seem to scare Landry away.

But I guess I better back up a little. The Sunday before Halloween, my parents' church had their annual Trunk-or-treat after church. My mom's favorite holiday is Halloween so she can throw together a myriad of difference trunks with all her Halloween decorations. 

Any excuse to get one more use out of that costume sounds good to us. 

I seriously can't get over how my favorite part of Campbell's costume is his curl. 

It wasn't all smiles. Superheroes have rough days too, you know. 

Halloween is just better with kids. Period. I feel like I'm living vicariously through them all over again.

Seeing my superheroes downtown "saving" the city had me hoping that maybe just maybe I can talk them into another theme next year.

And maybe they're not the only ones who enjoyed dressing up this year. 


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