Thursday, January 10, 2013

White Christmas

White Christmas in Texas. Yes, really I’m not lying. It really happened. It’s only happened a couple of times in my 24 years of living in Fort Worth.

There’s something so magical about it. I mean it’s that whole Norman Rockwell thing again.

On Christmas Eve, we went to our Christmas Eve candlelight service.

 This year was a bit more challenging keeping Miss Mc Fuss-a-lot quiet during the service, but the bonus was she updated all of Justin’s phone apps in the process of her entertainment. She had a small part in the service and waved to everyone so it was hard for anyone to stay mad at that cuteness.

It’s a yearly tradition to go to my parents’ house where they make my favorite meal of the year…a homemade Mexican feast with warm tamales. Yum! I eat myself silly every Christmas Eve.

On the way home we always are on the lookout for Santa and the reindeer. Here’s a little bit of our conversation:

Me: Oh! I think I see Rudolph! I see a right light!

Campbell: I see it!

Nolan: Nope that’s just a tower.

Me: Maybe Santa hasn’t made it here yet.

Campbell: Yeah, he’s in Mexico. I see a red light!!!!

Nolan: No, that’s just another tower.

Justin: Nolan, you don’t know you can’t see that far away.

Nolan: I’m not trying to be a genius!

I belly laughed over that one. I just love love love this age for our kids and the things they say. Not so much the fighting and tantrums but they say some crazy cute stuff.

We let the kids open one present Christmas Eve and it's always new jammies. Preparing for Santa is not an easy task after such a full day but we can't the big man in the red suit down.

Cookies: check
Milk: check
reindeer food: check

 Christmas Eve brought a pretty nasty storm so we ended up with two boys in bed with us. That was fun covering up their eyes at 3 a.m. so they wouldn’t see their Christmas gifts. Presents were loved by all and my sweet niece, Madison, spent the night with us so it made it even more special.

And that’s my girl, already liking clothes at the ripe old age of 15 months.

We bundled the kids and went outside to play in the snow. Landry and I only could stand it for about 10 minutes because it was crazy cold. Poor Landry didn’t have any gloves so we resorted to socks on her hands. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

My boys on the other hands played outside til their cheeks were red and their fingers were purple from snowballs. I finally had to be the party pooper and tell them that they had to come in because I didn’t want them getting sick.

The next day we left for Kentucky. The same day that Arkansas got 12-13 inches of snow…as in a blizzard. Yeah, we drove through that.

With 3 kids.

For 16 hours.

Another memory for the books.

Cookie baking

No Christmas is complete without my mama's sugar cookies. I think I look forward to it more than the kids. My nieces came over and took part in our annual sugar fest. Anytime sweets are involved, my kids are all smiles.

My mom found these adorable aprons at Pier 1, my old alma mater. They were too cute!

We baked cookies the day after the Connecticut tragedy. I've had a hard time wrapping my head around it still. My mom's a 1st grade teacher, my oldest is in 1st grade and being a teacher myself, I just can't imagine what these parents are going through.

So I ate up every precious second with my family, mess and all, treasuring every second.

The cookies were crunchy from the overkill of sprinkles, the kitchen was a total mess, but it was wonderful.

When you have an artist in the home, cookie decorating becomes another form of art. It's almost too delicious to eat. 

Key word: almost

Landry's Christmas bow cracked me up, she looked like some Christmas cookie ninja.

And it made it even more special that my nieces were able to come again this year.

In the midst of our cookie baking:

Nolan: "Mommy, remember when Aunt Tonya made cookies with us?

Me: I sure do sweetie.

Nolan: That Christmas had a lot of cheer.

I love that he remembers her and those memories because I will never forget them either. This is my favorite picture that I had of them together in 2010, the last year she was able to bake with us. Last year, she was in the hospital.

And even though she wasn't "here", I really felt she was.

But oh do I miss her and I just look at her girls and see so much of her in them.

I love my little sugar cookie dough thief above. Ummm hmmm, that's proof that he's MINE! 
So between Connecticut and my sister, I just savored this year more than any prior.

How precious is this life I've been given and I will forever be grateful and never understand how I am so lucky and blessed.


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