Monday, April 23, 2012

Hoppy Easter

We did Easter big growing up. We were poor as could be with my mom being a single mom of three, but you better believe we looked amazing on Easter at church. I think those were the years when my mom perfected her sewing skills.

So getting my Easter dress every year was about as exciting as prom. So, I guess it's still the same for me because I bought Landry's Easter dress last Easter before she was even born. I'm thankful that it fit.

And did she ever look adorable and mushable in it. I was just praying for no blow-outs in it. There was a close call but crisis was averted, thankfully.

Our buckets that I made from last year came in so handy again. I bought the buckets at the Dollar Spot at Target and cut vinyl for their names and attached ribbon...cheapest "baskets" ever.

The kids couldn't care less about what the buckets look like, they just care about the loot inside.

Easter morning was pretty insane in our house. To get 5 people ready and out the door looking their Sunday best, is a feat in itself. And now our kids are at the age where there are two different Easter eggs hunts so it's really hard to see both at the same time.

Campbell had been talking about the hunt all morning but then when it came down to it, he did his whole hanging on my leg thing he does where I can't walk.

Landry was as happy as a clam sitting there with her one plastic egg while I snapped pictures of the hunt. I know I'll eat my words later down the road but this sweet girl is the easiest thing ever. Not sure if it's because she's a girl or because she my third and third kids just learn that they have to be laid back.

And it's not Easter without a family picture at the Easter cross. This year's edition? Nose picking.

Next we packed up to my parents house and I was so excited about seeing my nieces and being able to be with them. This is the first holiday without my sister with us. The good thing is that it was also Justin's 38th  birthday so that was a good distraction for us.

Rain threatened us nearly all morning long and the sky grew darker as we got to my mom's. We hurried and got photos and did a record time Easter egg hunt at her house.

Normally the girls hide the eggs for us but Madison was way more efficient and just threw them up in the air.

The boys didn't care one bit. I think our Easter eggs hunt was done in literally 4 minutes and seconds within us closing the back door to come in, we heard a loud BOOM! of thunder. So I'm glad that we did turbo style this year, because the next two hours were looking like we might need to build an ark on Easter.

We squeezed in dyeing Easter eggs in about 10 minutes. That's about how long their attention lasts for things like that anyway.

When I asked the boys at Easter if they knew what was coming up, they said the Easter bunny. So I thought it was appropriate that I start reading them about the Easter story at bedtime. I figured Campbell wasn't listening, but apparently he was. It's amazing to see their little brains soaking in these stories and what they actually take from it.

We did it, we made it through our first holiday without Tonya. It was hard but having the girls there made it so much better.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Park Play

I took the entire week off that Tonya died. I really couldn't have cared less that I was completely out of days from maternity leave from when I had Landry. I needed that week to process things, work on the service, and just shut myself in my room when I needed to. Heck, I still need that! I was terrified about going back to work. Was I ready to go back? Could I handle it? I didn't really have a choice, I had to. So the night before, I did what always make me feel like life is good, we packed up the family with the boys' bikes and headed to the park. 

We fed those ducks like pros. Cam's got quite an arm. Too bad those ducks are totally ignoring our stale bread.

I've discovered something about ALL three of my children. They absolutely love being outside. When they were babies, they could be having a level 5 screaming fit and if I walked outside, it was if angels were outside and the crying suddenly and magically stopped.

Landry is no different. Sister loves the outdoors.

And there was all kinds of love going on. Oh please Lord, let them like each other this much forever!

I mean it's true love if you kiss toes.

Landry is quite the conesseiur of the swings. Good thing because our baby swing at home had to be put up finally. It was making audible groaning noises from this adorable chunky monkey.

Swing + #1 man in her life = Bliss in the life of Landry Kate.

My children might have inherited my eye shape but I'm so grateful that they inherited their daddy's blue eyes.

It seems weird that life goes on normal after such a horrible thing as death. But it's the fact that life goes on that is keeping me going.

My other medicine is being with my nieces as much as possible.  These smiles are medicine.

And Campbell trying to squeeze his ba-donka-donk into Landry's Bumbo makes for good entertainment too.
 It's amazing how fresh air and tossing a child frisbee can make you smile.

There's this great distraction right now that's helping me through this difficult time. Her name rhymes with Landry Kate. 

And I think Billy Joel wrote the song about her...She's got a way about her. 

It's been such a rough road of recovery with grieving the loss of my sister. I'm just so thankful that she was able to meet all my children and that I have such a great relationship with her beautiful girls. There are days that are rougher than others but at the end of the day, I keep reminding myself that all you need is


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stock Show 2012

When I went to England in high school for a handbell choir trip (yes you read that right), the families that we stayed with thought that since we lived in Texas, that we rode horses to work and school. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Texas, but I'm a city girl through and through.

My sister, Tonya, moved to the country with her girls and I can't believe it but those girls are as country as they come. I'm talking showing pigs, horses in the barn kind of country. My boys absolutely love going out there and playing on the farm. So every year when the Stock Show comes to Cowtown, we act like we're country folk and check it out. We brought my niece, Madison, to make us look more authentic since she knows what she's doing when it comes to this country stuff.

Sadly, with trying to figure out this whole "family of 5" thing, we didn't get to the Stock Show until they were nearly closed. It was a serious sprint in and out of the barns trying to see all the animals.

For some city folk, my boys sure do love some farm animals.

 And it's not a stock show without a few scary carnival rides. I remember wanting to ride all of those rides so desperately when I was little, but now that I'm a mom, all I can see is their germ infestation and lack of safety. Does that officially make me OCD?

After all the talk about rides, the carousel was the only thing we could talk Campbell into riding.

Nolan gladly took his remaining tickets. 

 We went to the Stock Show back at the end of January (yes, I know it's April and I'm finally getting around to posting these pictures) and the boys are STILL asking when we're going back. Good thing we live in Cowtown.


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