Sunday, January 31, 2010

Butterfly, schmutterfly

Campbell is very imaginative already. I love that about our children. Nolan will come up with games on his own and play pretend. I guess Campbell just watches his brother and learns. We got Nolan an Elefun game for Christmas. The game is a elephant that has a long trunk and it spits out butterflies and the kids are supposed to catch them with butterfly nets. Campbell seems to enjoy this game even more than Nolan.

He's also found another way to use the net. He wears it as a hat. He looks half gangster/half bank robber when he wears it. He's all well meaning with it though. He'll grab the fridge farm off our refrigerator and he'll say, "bye bye." It's his way of putting on his hat, picking up his suitcase and leaving.

I hope that it's not a sign he wants to leave! I just keep telling myself that he's very creative and imaginative. Go with me on this one, ok?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Moon

I know the newest craze is the Twilight/New Moon movies and books. I'm a little out of the loop but know some adult women who proudly announce their obsession with the series. I guess Campbell is being swayed by this pop culture phenomenon. I don't know what it is but both of my boys have been obsessed with the moon. I think it might be instinctual that they have both know how to howl at the moon. You know, like it's instinctual that all boys come out of the womb able to make any type of sound effect. Either that or my children are half vampire. Could be a possibility since Justin went to Transylvania University.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Backyardigans (again)

I'm happy to report that Nolan had a FABULOUS week. I hate that I only tell you the bad things so I have to make sure that I brag about him too. He even refrained from hitting when others hit him...that takes some self control! Glad to see he still has some! So to celebrate (and reward him) we took him to the park Friday right after school, had a playdate with his best friend Cooper from school at our house, and just enjoyed a lot of good quality time outside with the fam. We've had beautiful weather lately, a nice change from all that freezing cold weather for a month.

I noticed that my trigger happy finger hasn't shot many photos this month. I guess our camera has finally stopped smoking from its overuse during the Christmas season. So I took the camera out with us while the boys played, ran and blew bubbles. My favorite shots of them always seem to be when they're outside because they love it and it just shows their true happiness...which just happens to be my true happiness.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boy bullies

Yesterday I picked Campbell up from school and the terror (the bully who pushed him off the slide head first) came up to me and hugged my leg and said, "My mama." If I hadn't had the mama bear instinct a couple of weeks ago that I did, I might have thought it was actually pretty cute. Campbell DID not like one bit of that. I guess his Baby Bear instincts kicked in. He ran over to me, pushed him out of the way pointed his finger in his face (wherever did he get that?) and said, "NO NO! MY Mama!" Of course I got on to him and told him to tell him he was sorry and be nice. I was glad to know that he could hold his own though.

Then I got to thinking...I hope he's not mean all the time like that and maybe the terror was just getting him back by pushing him head first down the slide. So today I asked him teacher who I adore if he's a bully. She said sometimes he and two other boys pick on the little ones in the room. You'll never guess what he has in common with the two other boys that are bullies...they all have older brothers. I guess it's instinctual in the younger brother to learn self defense. Either that or Campbell has discovered he could wipe any of them out with his line backer brute force.

I bet somewhere out there, there's a mom with blog writing about Campbell being a terror to their kid.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another not too young moment

Ok Campbell's on a roll this week with his embarrassing stories. I took him to the doctor for his 18 mo. checkup. I guess that ER visit last month was pretty traumatizing for him. Not sure if it was the ambulance ride, them sticking a tube down his nose to suction out the mucus, having to get a million breathing treatments while there, or having four nurses hold him down for an x-ray. I can't imagine why he would be traumatized by that.

So they call us back to a room and when the nurse walks in Campbell immediately starts freaking out and screaming like she's from some horror movie. She's not even touching him! So next I have to strip him down to his diaper so we can weigh him all the while he's crying. She finally touched him to take his temperature under his arm but to him it was the same as her pouring boiling water on him....or at least that's the dramatic scene he put on for all to hear. At this point, people are staring and watching. The next ten minutes of her measuring his height, his head circumference were all of equal torture tactics to him. Finally, we just start laughing at it because he's being so ridiculous. What's even worse is that I knew we hadn't even gotten to the shots!

By this time, everyone knows I've got the "screamer" in my room. So my doctor walks in and stands in the corner and doesn't come near him...she won't even look him in the eye for fear of setting him on crying fit. She did console me and tell me that she has a patient that cries even when her grandparents drive past her office! That made me laugh...until I thought, "Wait a minute, that could be me soon."

I won't even describe the decibel range he hit once the shots came. Holy cow! Nolan even said, "He's hurting my ears." I think everyone was a little relieved once the McDonald family left that office.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not too young to embarass me

Usually I worry about Nolan being the one to embarrass me. My stomach turns just a little each Sunday during the children's moment when they hand Nolan the microphone. I will never forget one time that these sweet grandparents who bring their grandchildren to church each Sunday had their granddaughter up there. Our minister at the time asked them to say something kind they did that week and she replied, "I didn't eat ANY of my boogars." Those poor grandparents, but the rest of us thought it was funny. That happened probably six years ago and I still remember her saying that.

Well last night at dinner Campbell saw a man with a white beard and he started shouting, "HO HO HO! HO HO HO!" Funny that he was more of the Harley type than the red suit type. Campbell was just sure of it though. They just can never start too early can they?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being "that" parent

Talk about a rough day... make that a rough week. Now that I moved up to 5th grade from 4th, I've finally discovered the one big difference between 4th and 5th now that we've hit the spring semester....drama. Girl drama to be exact. I feel like I'm in a soap opera and should walk around with a director's chair while saying, "ACTION!" when I'm at school. It's been exhausting dealing with it all week. It's finally gotten so out of control that parents were called. Dealing with behavior is my LEAST favorite part of teaching. It's frustrating, draining, and did I mention exhausting? Most parents are very supportive while some others talk big but do little only for their child to do it again.

Which brings me to my next story...Nolan has had a pretty off week at school this week just not listening, not taking a nap, and not getting along with some of his classmates. He has a new teacher which always rocks his world when there's a big change like that. Today, he actually went to the "office" because time out was not working. He refused to stay in timeout and then actually hit his teacher in the act. Oh boy. Can you tell I'm hiding behind my face in shame? I think when you're a teacher you put your children at an even higher expectation because you don't want your kid to be "that" child... that same one that drives you crazy each and every day.

So I did the walk of shame down the long hallway...halfway boiling but mostly just embarrassed. Let's just say that he was definitely disciplined and enjoyed a night free of cars or anything that resembled fun. I know he's four but it scares me that he didn't get the gene of being terrified of getting in trouble at school from me...must get it from his daddy. We'll see how tomorrow goes. For now, someone had to write a letter to their teacher apologizing. I hope that his teachers don't think I'm one of "those" parents.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mama Bear

Ok, I had my first mama bear instinct kick in with Campbell. First day back in daycare and I pick him up an he looked like he got in a fight with a cat and the cat won. There's a bully in his class and it's not a hard one to figure out. He pushed Campbell off the top of the slide outside and Cam went head first into the dirt and came out looking like this. I didn't get the best shot of it but if you click of the photo you can see a close up of his face.

Now I know these things happen, they happen a lot in our home with two boys. Still, I don't like it. I know now why some parents tell their kids to defend themselves at school. Oh boy, is this just the beginning? I can't imagine what I'm going to do when these boys get in school. When my brother or sister tell me about some kid bullying my nieces or nephews, I'm ready to hunt those kids down...and it's not even my own children! Tell me, is this normal?

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who's that cutie in the dishwasher?

I caught Campbell playing peek-a-boo with this really cute kid that he saw that could have been his twin...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kentucky Christmas

Our little elf looking for Gram and Pop before we land in Kentucky

It was originally planned that Justin's family would come down to have a Texas Christmas this year. Then we heard news of my father-in-law, Bill, having to do radiation for prostate cancer. We knew it was definitely the best option that we travel up there so he could start his radiation treatment as soon as possible...more about that later.

We stayed 6 days and would you believe that it snowed more here in Texas than up there? Who would've thought? The boys had the best time at their Gram and Pop's house. They just pick up right where we left off and play like crazy like they've never missed a beat seeing them. I love that. Nolan and Campbell are really close in age to our nieces and it's so great that they play so well together and have so much fun.
Pop reading with Campbell and Nolan
baking chocolate chip cookies with Gram
all the McDonald cousinsCampbell, Justin and Neala

Opening gifts was crazy. I think I missed half of what everyone got each other because the kids aren't exactly at that "is it my turn to wait patiently and open a gift" stage just yet. Nevertheless, it was fun and Nolan loves his new Wolverine costume. Gram and Pop got him a camera and he took over 200 pictures while we were there. Justin and I looked at them once we got home and were totally cracking up. He took about 20 pictures of the carpet, pictures of feet, Justin sleeping, and a million other random things. I love seeing the world through his funny!

Next we went to see Justin's grandmother, Rosie, in Louisville. She's 89 and emails us all the time. She's one techy granny. We got her a web cam so we can video conference with her with the boys. I can't wait! What 89 year old do you know that video conferences? How cool is that? She'll be blogging before we know it.
Rosie and her four great-grandchildren
playing outside in Rosie's backyard
wrestling with Pop
at Rosie's house playing on the floor

On the way to the airport to come back home, Justin's dad had a radiation treatment and told us that he would try and meet up with us before we took off. He made it just before we left. Well, talk about the perfect ending to the trip...he had just found out that his PSA levels for his cancer were practically immeasurable! He has about a week left of radiation but looks like it worked! What wonderful news to make this Christmas even more perfect.

This Christmas is going to stick out in my head and heart for many years to come. It was so magical. Everything about it... the elf-obsessed son of mine, making cookies, the Polar Express train ride, having a white Christmas, safe travels (minus the throw up in the car incident...could've done without that one), and the wonderful news of Bill's radiation treatments. There's going to be some serious competition to live up to this year's Christmas.
The Kentucky and Texas gang!
The Texas Macks!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day

I was shocked that I was the first one awake on Christmas morning at 7:45 and then I couldn't go back to sleep because I was so excited. Guess some things never change even when you grow up. Meanwhile, Justin is snoring away. Finally I couldn't take it so I went upstairs and Nolan was quietly reading a book in bed waiting for us to wake up being quiet as a mouse. My sister said, "You're the only parent I know to have your children trained to let you sleep in even on Christmas morning." What can I say? I love my sleep and he's a really good kid. I was afraid he peeked but he didn't...can you believe it ?!? He's got more self-control than I do that's for sure!

First thing Nolan noticed that the cookies and milk were gone...well except for a tiny bit of cookie. Santa's watching his waist line you know.
Next were the stockings. I think Campbell would have been completely content to stop at this point because he was perfectly happy with his m&m candy cane. Love the picture of him peeking to see what's in his stocking.

Then we were on to the presents. I was shocked at how well Campbell was really into it and opening the gifts. He'd get distracted with a toy and wanted to play with it for a few minutes before wanting to open the next present.
Loved these fish maracas. I think we could put together a band with all the musical instruments we have now.

One of Nolan's favorites toys was this Christmas set of cars. Funny story...he asked originally for the Christmas Lightning McQueen car and then saw this Christmas set and really wanted it. I made a comment about how I'm not sure because it's a lot more money than just the Lightning McQueen. He was super excited to open it and then said, "I didn't want this, it's cost too much money." Poor guy, I really got to watch everything that I say!
Nolan is so proud of his new underwear. So proud that he shows them to everyone when he's wearing them. When I laid out clothes for his first day back to school he said, "My friends are going to love my Spiderman underwear." I guess I need to teach him that they are called underwear for a reason.
Nolan really wanted Justin to have this Texas Rangers shirt to match their "T" hats. He was so proud and kept telling Justin, "Daddy I picked this out for you!"
Wouldn't be Christmas without the elf...he wore it for 6 days straight.
All of us over at my parents' house on Christmas Day
My parents house is Griswold caliber when it comes to Christmas. I'm talking 3 full sized trees and every shelf or anything with a flat surface is covered with Christmas. My dad has a Polar Express train around their tree with a real whistle. They sat there and watched this train I swear for 30 minutes. Too cute!

Monday, January 4, 2010

This is your captain speaking...

Bonus to wearing an elf costume on an get a pretty good seat!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Wow, I can't believe how fast those two weeks went by during break. You're going to be so sick of all my Christmas posts but I'm finally just getting to them. There was a lot that just happened in the past two weeks.

On Christmas Eve, Justin had to work in the morning so the boys and I just hung out at the house and stayed all warm and snuggly. We were so excited to see the snow...and so perfectly timed with Christmas. We got our cookies out to make for Santa and blared Christmas music on TV. Nolan noticed that every song they played seemed to be a song about it perfect! It was like you could bottle up the happiness in the house. Nolan couldn't stop watching it out the window. I think he was amazed that snow could blow sideways!

We traditionally go to our Christmas Eve service and then head to my parents' house for a homemade Mexican dinner...tamales, enchiladas, rice, beans. I even ate a very light lunch knowing the damage I was going to do later that night. So we got everyone ready in their Christmas Eve best and were about to head out when we got a call that they canceled the Christmas Eve service. Oh well but we still were planning on going to my mom's for dinner but then decided to turn on the news to make sure how the weather was. That's when we saw there were almost 150 wrecks in DFW and it was taking people hours to get anywhere. Painstakingly we decided to skip my mom's and save that for Christmas day. Since we were leaving town the next day I really had the bare minimum groceries in the house. So I scrounge up this random meal of green beans, macaroni, and corn, and turkey hot dogs. Yummm, right? Not exactly, well maybe for a bachelor. And especially when your stomach was preparing for the tamale feast and then having to eat that instead.

So since we were all dressed with no place to go, I thought let's go outside and take some pictures. It was seriously like a blizzard. Campbell was all for it but Nolan was a little freaked that he couldn't even open his eyes. We had 2 ft. snow drifts in our yard. We stayed outside maybe 5 minutes before we had to head back inside again. Justin, being the Kentucky boy that he is, stayed outside and we watched him out the window play in the snow like a little boy. Nolan kept screaming, "Daddy, make a snowman! Make a snowman!" He was more for watching than helping.

We started a new tradition of letting the boys open one present each on Christmas Eve...pajamas. I'm sure they'll be so thrilled every year to open those up. That way everyone has new jammies Christmas morning. The cookies were made, the milk was poured for Santa, and off to bed we went.

Although it felt so weird staying home for Christmas Eve, it was so nice to have that time as a family and watch the snow come down. It just made my heart so warm. Even the hot dogs couldn't have ruined that moment.
making cookies during the day for Santa later that night...

couldn't stop watching that snow blow!
Outside during our blizzard wonderland
Campbell's thinking, "What is this white stuff?"
Don't worry we had on lots of layers
If all of the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes...

Opening up their Christmas Eve presents
showing off our new jammies
Wonder how long they'll let me get them matching jammies

getting ready for Santa
nice cold glass of milk for the man in the red suit


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