Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Wow, I can't believe how fast those two weeks went by during break. You're going to be so sick of all my Christmas posts but I'm finally just getting to them. There was a lot that just happened in the past two weeks.

On Christmas Eve, Justin had to work in the morning so the boys and I just hung out at the house and stayed all warm and snuggly. We were so excited to see the snow...and so perfectly timed with Christmas. We got our cookies out to make for Santa and blared Christmas music on TV. Nolan noticed that every song they played seemed to be a song about it perfect! It was like you could bottle up the happiness in the house. Nolan couldn't stop watching it out the window. I think he was amazed that snow could blow sideways!

We traditionally go to our Christmas Eve service and then head to my parents' house for a homemade Mexican dinner...tamales, enchiladas, rice, beans. I even ate a very light lunch knowing the damage I was going to do later that night. So we got everyone ready in their Christmas Eve best and were about to head out when we got a call that they canceled the Christmas Eve service. Oh well but we still were planning on going to my mom's for dinner but then decided to turn on the news to make sure how the weather was. That's when we saw there were almost 150 wrecks in DFW and it was taking people hours to get anywhere. Painstakingly we decided to skip my mom's and save that for Christmas day. Since we were leaving town the next day I really had the bare minimum groceries in the house. So I scrounge up this random meal of green beans, macaroni, and corn, and turkey hot dogs. Yummm, right? Not exactly, well maybe for a bachelor. And especially when your stomach was preparing for the tamale feast and then having to eat that instead.

So since we were all dressed with no place to go, I thought let's go outside and take some pictures. It was seriously like a blizzard. Campbell was all for it but Nolan was a little freaked that he couldn't even open his eyes. We had 2 ft. snow drifts in our yard. We stayed outside maybe 5 minutes before we had to head back inside again. Justin, being the Kentucky boy that he is, stayed outside and we watched him out the window play in the snow like a little boy. Nolan kept screaming, "Daddy, make a snowman! Make a snowman!" He was more for watching than helping.

We started a new tradition of letting the boys open one present each on Christmas Eve...pajamas. I'm sure they'll be so thrilled every year to open those up. That way everyone has new jammies Christmas morning. The cookies were made, the milk was poured for Santa, and off to bed we went.

Although it felt so weird staying home for Christmas Eve, it was so nice to have that time as a family and watch the snow come down. It just made my heart so warm. Even the hot dogs couldn't have ruined that moment.
making cookies during the day for Santa later that night...

couldn't stop watching that snow blow!
Outside during our blizzard wonderland
Campbell's thinking, "What is this white stuff?"
Don't worry we had on lots of layers
If all of the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes...

Opening up their Christmas Eve presents
showing off our new jammies
Wonder how long they'll let me get them matching jammies

getting ready for Santa
nice cold glass of milk for the man in the red suit

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