Sunday, January 24, 2010

Backyardigans (again)

I'm happy to report that Nolan had a FABULOUS week. I hate that I only tell you the bad things so I have to make sure that I brag about him too. He even refrained from hitting when others hit him...that takes some self control! Glad to see he still has some! So to celebrate (and reward him) we took him to the park Friday right after school, had a playdate with his best friend Cooper from school at our house, and just enjoyed a lot of good quality time outside with the fam. We've had beautiful weather lately, a nice change from all that freezing cold weather for a month.

I noticed that my trigger happy finger hasn't shot many photos this month. I guess our camera has finally stopped smoking from its overuse during the Christmas season. So I took the camera out with us while the boys played, ran and blew bubbles. My favorite shots of them always seem to be when they're outside because they love it and it just shows their true happiness...which just happens to be my true happiness.

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