Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another not too young moment

Ok Campbell's on a roll this week with his embarrassing stories. I took him to the doctor for his 18 mo. checkup. I guess that ER visit last month was pretty traumatizing for him. Not sure if it was the ambulance ride, them sticking a tube down his nose to suction out the mucus, having to get a million breathing treatments while there, or having four nurses hold him down for an x-ray. I can't imagine why he would be traumatized by that.

So they call us back to a room and when the nurse walks in Campbell immediately starts freaking out and screaming like she's from some horror movie. She's not even touching him! So next I have to strip him down to his diaper so we can weigh him all the while he's crying. She finally touched him to take his temperature under his arm but to him it was the same as her pouring boiling water on him....or at least that's the dramatic scene he put on for all to hear. At this point, people are staring and watching. The next ten minutes of her measuring his height, his head circumference were all of equal torture tactics to him. Finally, we just start laughing at it because he's being so ridiculous. What's even worse is that I knew we hadn't even gotten to the shots!

By this time, everyone knows I've got the "screamer" in my room. So my doctor walks in and stands in the corner and doesn't come near him...she won't even look him in the eye for fear of setting him on crying fit. She did console me and tell me that she has a patient that cries even when her grandparents drive past her office! That made me laugh...until I thought, "Wait a minute, that could be me soon."

I won't even describe the decibel range he hit once the shots came. Holy cow! Nolan even said, "He's hurting my ears." I think everyone was a little relieved once the McDonald family left that office.

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