Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boy bullies

Yesterday I picked Campbell up from school and the terror (the bully who pushed him off the slide head first) came up to me and hugged my leg and said, "My mama." If I hadn't had the mama bear instinct a couple of weeks ago that I did, I might have thought it was actually pretty cute. Campbell DID not like one bit of that. I guess his Baby Bear instincts kicked in. He ran over to me, pushed him out of the way pointed his finger in his face (wherever did he get that?) and said, "NO NO! MY Mama!" Of course I got on to him and told him to tell him he was sorry and be nice. I was glad to know that he could hold his own though.

Then I got to thinking...I hope he's not mean all the time like that and maybe the terror was just getting him back by pushing him head first down the slide. So today I asked him teacher who I adore if he's a bully. She said sometimes he and two other boys pick on the little ones in the room. You'll never guess what he has in common with the two other boys that are bullies...they all have older brothers. I guess it's instinctual in the younger brother to learn self defense. Either that or Campbell has discovered he could wipe any of them out with his line backer brute force.

I bet somewhere out there, there's a mom with blog writing about Campbell being a terror to their kid.

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