Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day

I was shocked that I was the first one awake on Christmas morning at 7:45 and then I couldn't go back to sleep because I was so excited. Guess some things never change even when you grow up. Meanwhile, Justin is snoring away. Finally I couldn't take it so I went upstairs and Nolan was quietly reading a book in bed waiting for us to wake up being quiet as a mouse. My sister said, "You're the only parent I know to have your children trained to let you sleep in even on Christmas morning." What can I say? I love my sleep and he's a really good kid. I was afraid he peeked but he didn't...can you believe it ?!? He's got more self-control than I do that's for sure!

First thing Nolan noticed that the cookies and milk were gone...well except for a tiny bit of cookie. Santa's watching his waist line you know.
Next were the stockings. I think Campbell would have been completely content to stop at this point because he was perfectly happy with his m&m candy cane. Love the picture of him peeking to see what's in his stocking.

Then we were on to the presents. I was shocked at how well Campbell was really into it and opening the gifts. He'd get distracted with a toy and wanted to play with it for a few minutes before wanting to open the next present.
Loved these fish maracas. I think we could put together a band with all the musical instruments we have now.

One of Nolan's favorites toys was this Christmas set of cars. Funny story...he asked originally for the Christmas Lightning McQueen car and then saw this Christmas set and really wanted it. I made a comment about how I'm not sure because it's a lot more money than just the Lightning McQueen. He was super excited to open it and then said, "I didn't want this, it's cost too much money." Poor guy, I really got to watch everything that I say!
Nolan is so proud of his new underwear. So proud that he shows them to everyone when he's wearing them. When I laid out clothes for his first day back to school he said, "My friends are going to love my Spiderman underwear." I guess I need to teach him that they are called underwear for a reason.
Nolan really wanted Justin to have this Texas Rangers shirt to match their "T" hats. He was so proud and kept telling Justin, "Daddy I picked this out for you!"
Wouldn't be Christmas without the elf...he wore it for 6 days straight.
All of us over at my parents' house on Christmas Day
My parents house is Griswold caliber when it comes to Christmas. I'm talking 3 full sized trees and every shelf or anything with a flat surface is covered with Christmas. My dad has a Polar Express train around their tree with a real whistle. They sat there and watched this train I swear for 30 minutes. Too cute!

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  1. He wants to show people his underwear?! He is truly your son! I don't know if you can teach him what it means; you were still doing it when I worked with you at D.E.! :)



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