Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween theme: Under the sea

I'm a sucker for coordinating outfits and themes. It must come from my obsession with scrapbook paper and coordinating ribbons. I need more scrapbook paper like I need a hole in my head but I just keep buying the stuff. I know, it's a sickness. But I digress...

Back to coordinating...I'm milking this for as.long.possible. Yes I'm quite aware that they will grow up and ask me, "Mooooooooommm, why did you have us coordinating in every Easter outfit, Christmas photo and Halloween costume?" And my answer will most definitely be, "Because I'm a mama of two boys and about the only thing us boy moms can get excited about when it comes to boy outfits is...well, matching them!"

Two years ago...


One year ago...

 Under the sea was our theme this year. It all started with Nolan wanting to be a deep sea explorer and the fish costume seemed like the least amount of work. Obviously, I'm not a good judge for budgeting time. Well it took some effort and I mean a lot of effort. Please remind me next year how much work and stress homemade costumes take.

No, really, don't let me forget.

Grandma made the fish costume. I swear she could make costumes for movies. And I finished up hand-stitching the scales. Yep, lost count after about 60. But dude, tell me my kid isn't CRAZY cute?!

It was actually a high of 70 today but supposed to be 80 on Halloween night. Poor kid will be drenched with sweat. Hopefully the sugar will be a good distraction. Today was a pretty big deal at school...costume parade day. 

We'll see if he'll actually keep this hood on all of Halloween night. Once again, candy and bribes work wonders for distraction. 

But I have to give all the credit for the next costume to my wonderfully talented husband. Grandma made the hood but the tank contraption was definitely all done by Justin. It's a wonder what a trip to Home Depot and a 2-liter coke bottle can do! 


It's like this kid was born for Halloween. What can I say? It's part of our genetic code. There's a long family history of holiday love.


Unlike Campbell, who wanted to take off his costume seconds after his parade, I think Nolan would sleep in his if I let him.

Grandma and Granddad made to the parade too and the boys were so excited to have them watch.


All the work, all the stress of these costumes was worth it. And that is why I put myself through it.

But seriously, don't ever let me do that again.

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  1. Andrea you all did an amazing job! I can't decide which one I like the best because they both are too darn cute. Nolan's smile makes me miss you all so much. Much love from Aunt Mel!



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