Saturday, October 23, 2010

Forced Family Baking and Crafting

I don't know when exactly this cupcake fascination started of mine. But today I found myself at the grocery store looking to make Frankenstein cupcakes. I had both boys with me so there's nothing like preventing them from squishing the bread, breaking the eggs, and looking for ingredients for cupcakes that are WAY too complicated. It's then that I decided to heck with the Frankenstein cupcakes, this mama was going to take the easy road. We went to my sister's house this weekend and I really wanted to decorate some cupcakes with the kids. How about some really simple skeleton cupcakes? Ok, so even if it's a really far stretch, just tell me that they look like skeletons even if it's a lie.


I think I might have made about 6 of these "skeletons" and then I just let the kids go crazy with the decorations and icing. You know what I mean, so-many-sprinkles-you're-not-sure-if-there's-any-icing-under-there kind of cupcakes.

Frankenstein, skeleton, witch or just a mound of cake a icing, these kids had no preference for the decoration. It all tasted the same going down.

Notice the cupcake in front of Nolan with only the icing eaten. I might as well have just given him a spoon and a tub of icing.


And it wouldn't be a holiday without some crafting. We had fun decorating these little finger puppets and Campbell especially had fun ripping the heads off of them. 100% boy right there for you.

We ran out of time to make caramel apples but I'd say that we definitely got bit by the Halloween bug. I can't wait to take pictures of them in their costumes. Now let's just hope my very stubborn 2 year old cooperates wearing his. I see bribery in my future next weekend.

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