Friday, July 20, 2012

slipping and sliding

Our last $10 pool from Target bit the dust after two years of a WHOLE lotta love. It was money well spent. We upgraded to a new pool with a "slide" even if the slide is a little too big for the boys.

My boys have absolutely no discrimination when it comes to pools. If it holds water, they consider it a pool.

They talked Justin into playing with them in the pool. Just even gave the pool a test drive.

 Landry loved just watching the boys and cheering them on.

She was so cute you couldn't help but give her a smooch in between slides.

Finally, Landry made it known that she wanted a piece of that pool. We didn't have her swimsuit handy so we did what we always do the in the backyard when our kids are little...she went skinny dipping! 

She loved it! And we loved watching her cute dimply bottom go crazy in that pool. 

She slept like a champ that night. 

One of my favorite things I love is when my kids are freshly out of the bath tub or the pool and water beads up on their long lashes. They just look so beautiful and begging for some lovin'!

I love spontaneous nights like these. Just naked babies in the pool, boys going kamikaze with their canon balls and a husband who look like they fit in right with my children.

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