Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Derby Day

Ok, so maybe it wasn't exactly the Derby when we took Campbell for his 4th birthday to Lone Star Park. But in the eyes of my 4 year old, he completely thought it was THE real Kentucky Derby.

I have never seen Campbell more excited in my life. He took every second of it in watching every move of the horses and jockeys.

Campbell's lifelong dream is to be a jockey. I haven't broken it to him that his daddy is 6'4" and his chances are slim. So we were excited to finally get a picture of him with a real jockey except Campbell held on to me like he was Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. I felt tall for once in my life.

We made a bet on #4 on Campbell's 4th birthday. Good thing it was a $2 bet because he came in dead last.

Nolan was a good sport and enjoyed it but he seemed more enamored by playing with his sweet Landry Kate. "I love her to the last star." -- Nolan Case McDonald, age 6. I think the feeling is mutual, Nolan.

We like to teach gambling young.

What a fun memory. I think this is one that Campbell will never forget. He's still talking about it and wanting to go back.

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