Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amarillo by mornin'

How do you start out the first weekend of summer right after you get out of school? Road trippin'! We packed our bags for a weekend trip to Amarillo the first weekend of June to celebrate my oldest nephew's graduation from high school. I'm in total denial that he is actually considered an adult now, seeing how I was a freshman in high school when he was born.

I realized after taking this picture that Warren is missing as well as my brother...oops. Guess that's what happens when there's such a large group there...someone is bound to be left out.

We all headed to the park and let the kids run wild. 

Ducks were stuffed liked turkeys that day for sure. I guess they like to grow ducks with mo-hawks in Amarillo. They like to rock it out. 

And it's not a picnic without some watermelon.
And we had the sweetest watermelon there ever was.

She's so sweet you can't help but want to eat her up.

The kids were having a blast playing with their cousins and we kept them busy with blowing bubbles.

And meet all the babies of the family...I'm the youngest of three, Avery is my sister's youngest, Aspen in my brother's youngest and of course, Landry Kate, is our sweet baby girl.

My sister and brother have another half sister on their dad's side, Carmella, and we've known each other since birth. Her boys are very similar to age with my boys and they play so well with my kids.

Carmella's youngest, Zalen, looked mighty interested in wanting to be a big brother. He was too sweet with Landry.

I think she's catching on that she's cute or at least she's using it to her advantage. Smart girl, I tell ya.

My grandmother, who we call Grams, put up with all of us at her house. My kids make me a nervous wreck in her house but believe it or not, I don't think anything was broken. Shocking, I know.

And while I'd like to say that it was full of happy memories, it was my first time back to Amarillo, where we grew up, after losing Tonya. It was very weird for all of us to be together without her because I know her, and she wouldn't have missed it for the world to be there with the family. I was so thrilled to have her two youngest there with us. We had the best road trip ever with them and even ran into a grass fire on the way home. That's pretty exciting stuff because that road trip to Amarillo is usually VERY boring with not much to look at.

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