Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Campbell!

Pardon me while I go on my little walk down memory lane and shed a tear or two. This little guy is turning 4 tomorrow and I'm in disbelief that this....

has turned into this...

or this sweet little sleeping thing...

turned into this rambunctious little boy who is 100% ALL BOY!

I remember him being such a sweet cuddly baby. 

Anytime, we'd walk in his room when he was a baby after a nap, he'd flap his arms like he was going to take flight he was so excited.

And then they started happening...

1st birthday

2nd birthday

3rd birthday

And in between those years, he had adorable curls.

and lots of memories of laughter

with his big brother

and even some moments where they didn't get along so well.

And he's the sweetest big brother to his "baby" Landry.

If you haven't picked up on it yet, Campbell is our animated one. He's stubborn, sometimes downright defiant, hilarious, LOUD but super super sweet boy. He fits right in with us.

I'm so wildly in love with this little boy and I'm so so grateful God has blessed us with him.

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