Friday, June 22, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

Hi, my name is Andrea and I'm a Pinterest addict. When the site went down for three days, I seriously thought I was going through withdrawals.

You know you're an addict when you see things and think, "I bet I could find that on Pinterest."

I recently had one of those moments. I went to the coolest wedding. EVER. It was unlike any other wedding. It was a vintage carnival theme and I felt like we were in a magazine wedding even while we were there in the midst of it.

Diana is so beautiful. This is her natural hair color and she looks this stylish at church every week. She is just so striking.

Everywhere you look there was something jaw dropping and you couldn't stop staring. From the photo booth to the kissing booth, they thought of it all.

There were jugglers, stilt walkers, balloon dresses and hula hoop dancing...ya know, normal stuff you see at a wedding.

Diana's sisters sang, "Sisters" and it was choreographed and all. It was a huge hit and I loved how much you could see how much these girls love each other and the bond that they have. Made me miss my sis incredibly.

It was the first time my children have gone to a wedding and they must think that all weddings are this cool. They will be bored to tears at the next one we go to after this one. Sorry, it was a tough act for follow for sure. My husband and the boys dressed the part and fit right in.

My kids were so awe stuck by the whole thing, but then again, so was I. 

When you're invited to a wedding that's circus themed, I know my family will fit right in. 

Meet Trent, our amazing babysitter at church who is always roping and wrangling my boys. He looks like he belongs with us, huh?

The first dance and father/daughter dance get me at every wedding. Every time, it never fails and this was no exception.

And I even caught Justin holding on a little tighter to his Landry Kate during the father/daughter dance.

We staged the goodbye so we could actually see them before it got dark. We stuck with the bubbles instead of the sparklers since fire doesn't mix with my children.

It was one of those weddings that I will remember forever and not just for the decorations but because of all the love that surrounded them on this beautiful day.

Doesn't this wedding just scream Pinterest. Beautiful wedding, Diana, just beautiful! It was so!

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  1. Wow!! That was an exciting wedding and the photos and theme did look like I was looking at models in magazine. A-ma-zing!!



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