Monday, June 4, 2012

Tooth Fairy

Milestone time the McD house. Shortly after Landry found her two bottom teeth, Nolan lost his.

All these milestones keep being thrown at me left and right with my children and I can't keep track fast enough in their baby books! I can't believe that Nolan was brave enough to have his daddy pull his tooth out. I was that kid who had their tooth dangling so loose that I could have sneezed it out.

We had to ask for the going rate for the tooth fairy from friends since we're new to this. We settled on $5 for the first tooth....all in change. That way they really feel like they hit the jackpot. 

For the record, I'm pretty much a ninja when it comes to this tooth fairy business.

 I think once Nolan knew that he could make money off this gig, he started wiggling his other loose tooth with just a little bit more urging. 

And what do you know, exactly a week later Nolan lost his other bottom tooth. This time, it was $1. We called all the grandparents to tell them the exciting news. 

Thankfully, we've slowed down on losing teeth.

This milestone was a tough one for me. It's like a slap in the face that he's a big boy now. I'm seeing how quickly he's growing up and it makes me just want to sit and cry! Maybe that's why I'm a mamarazzi and take some many pictures so I can remember every single second of his precious childhood.


  1. Loved this tooth fairy story. You are too cute with your ninja comment!:) I also love the photos of you and the kids in the previous post. So beautiful. Is that an action you use? If so, would love if you shared;). Anyway, hope you are enjoying the summer.

    1. Yes it was an action but I can never remember which ones I use after I'm done. My favorites are on coffee shop blog. Hope you're having a great summer too!



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