Friday, June 22, 2012

Kindergarten Graduation

I made it. My baby graduated kindergarten and I didn't cry like a blubbering idiot. There were moments where it was mighty close.

Here is the first day and last day of Kindergarten.

Is it just me or does he look like he is going to be in middle school next year?

It's crazy how I felt like Nolan would never start kindergarten, but maybe that's because I was paying for daycare for 6 full years. He's an old kindergartner with a September birthday. But I know what's going to happen now. Next, is 2nd grade, then middle school and then I'll be wondering how in the world he's graduating high school.

 He's been through a lot in his kindergarten year with mom down the hall and finding out every little misstep before he even had a chance to tell me, baby sister being born two weeks after school started, and Aunt Tonya passing away in the Spring. I'd say that he's done exceptionally well with so many big changes.

He's our little book worm. I wish I could take credit. He's this amazing little boy who's learned by osmosis. I remember at the age of 2 him playing with flashcards and putting them in order from A to Z and then backwards from Z to A. His mind absolutely amazes me. I'm so insanely proud of him and so grateful that he has a love for learning.

As a teacher I've learned really quickly that you can teach ANY kid as long as they're willing to learn.

I've loved having him at school. Yes, even those days that I almost strangled him because he embarrassed me. I just have to remind myself that he is such a sweet kid with a very kind heart and he needs to make mistakes to learn from it. Sometimes his mistakes just happen to embarrass me, but I'm sure I embarrass him more.

Kindergarten has been full of a lot of wonderful memories. His teacher, Ms. Japhet, is seriously made of the special stuff in heaven. She has insane amounts of patience and I'm so thankful that we were blessed to have her as Nolan's teacher and she has helped him grow so much this year.

I had the opportunity to go on Nolan's fall field trip while on maternity leave and Justin went on his zoo field trip in the Spring. Notice their cute shirts. Yep, another Daddy creation. Each class had a different color.

And many friendships were formed.

But most of all, this high energy boy is growing up and when I told him that I was a little sad that he was growing up so fast he told me that he wouldn't eat so much. How sweet is that offer? Although, the poor thing can barely make it an hour before telling me he's hungry!

I'm so so proud of you, Nolan, for the sweet boy you are and the one you're becoming. Keep on being your happy self because when you're happy, mama's happy.

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