Friday, July 6, 2012

Fabulous Fourth

Happy 4th of July from the TexasMacks! Justin is out of dress code for our picture but when you have three kids willing to pose, I'll take it :)

We had fun getting all decked out in red, white and blue. Landry pretty much resembled a human firecracker.

We started the day out at our neighborhood pool and surprisingly it wasn't busy at all!

Every year Nolan learns how to swim without floaties and every year without fail, he completely forgets the next summer and we have to start all over. But we made a huge step and we're without floaties again! WOOHOO!

I'm wondering if he'll still be in floaties when he's a senior in high school at this rate.

Campbell wasn't liking all this attention that Nolan was getting so he shed his floaties fast and did an awesome job guzzling water swimming without floaties too! We were really proud of the boys for doing so well at the pool.

And somebody else was loving the pool too. She is such a good sport and can hang in the pool for a good hour before she just gets completely wiped.

My parents came over for some good ol' American grub of burgers, potato salad, watermelon and corn on the cob.

My mom made some yummy patriotic cupcakes. It took every fiber of Nolan to keep from licking them. 

Now if you've been following the blog for quite some time you'll know that the 4th of July just isn't our best holiday. We have the WORST luck (no really) with going to watch fireworks. Either our kids are screaming BLOODY murder because they're terrified or we cannot find them anywhere.

But the 4th of July gods were in our favor this year because this was by far the best 4th of July we've ever had. We packed up the car preparing ourselves for the forced family fun beatdown that is an annual tradition. At the last minute we decided to stop at a place right by our house and it just happens to be the highest point of our whole town.

And from our viewpoint, we saw literally 20-30 fireworks displays all of varying distances and some that were almost on top of us. No one cried. Can you believe it? Not even Landry. I thought the day would never come! The boys were just amazed and oohing and aahing over every firework and sweet Campbell just kept saying over and over again how it was the "super best night ever" and neither one of them wanted to go home.

Landry was such a trooper for being out so late and even slept in until 10:15 the next morning. I'd say that was a 100% improvement over any of the last 10 years. Who knows maybe our track record with fireworks is looking up! We just needed our little firecracker as our good luck charm!

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  1. She is the cutest human firecracker I have ever seen! haha
    You all looked adorable in your red, white, and blue!



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