Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being "that" parent

Talk about a rough day... make that a rough week. Now that I moved up to 5th grade from 4th, I've finally discovered the one big difference between 4th and 5th now that we've hit the spring semester....drama. Girl drama to be exact. I feel like I'm in a soap opera and should walk around with a director's chair while saying, "ACTION!" when I'm at school. It's been exhausting dealing with it all week. It's finally gotten so out of control that parents were called. Dealing with behavior is my LEAST favorite part of teaching. It's frustrating, draining, and did I mention exhausting? Most parents are very supportive while some others talk big but do little only for their child to do it again.

Which brings me to my next story...Nolan has had a pretty off week at school this week just not listening, not taking a nap, and not getting along with some of his classmates. He has a new teacher which always rocks his world when there's a big change like that. Today, he actually went to the "office" because time out was not working. He refused to stay in timeout and then actually hit his teacher in the act. Oh boy. Can you tell I'm hiding behind my face in shame? I think when you're a teacher you put your children at an even higher expectation because you don't want your kid to be "that" child... that same one that drives you crazy each and every day.

So I did the walk of shame down the long hallway...halfway boiling but mostly just embarrassed. Let's just say that he was definitely disciplined and enjoyed a night free of cars or anything that resembled fun. I know he's four but it scares me that he didn't get the gene of being terrified of getting in trouble at school from me...must get it from his daddy. We'll see how tomorrow goes. For now, someone had to write a letter to their teacher apologizing. I hope that his teachers don't think I'm one of "those" parents.


  1. Oh my! I feel your pain. I've heard that Isaiah's said "no thank you" to participating in the reading program sometimes. What? Total panic! Where did he get that? I like that he's polite, but come on, you can't say "no" to a teacher!

    And I know what you mean by higher standards. My dad being a teacher all my life held me to that standard so I wouldn't be "that kid". It's not all bad in the end.

    Just think, he's only 4 and you're getting it under control. That spells good parenting. I've got 16 year olds that need that kind of parenting because they didn't have a mommy like you to teach them how to act when they were 4!

  2. Well at least he said no thank you and didn't hit her! Glad to hear I'm not alone.



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