Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nightmare on Museum St.

Oh boy. Where do I even start? My sister and oldest niece helped me watch the boys on my last day of school so I didn't have to pay for a week of daycare when I only needed help one day of childcare. My sister, in return, needed my help watching her youngest two later on in the week. It sounded like a good trade to me, especially because her two are way less maintenance than mine! I said it was a good trade...not a fair trade.

We bought a family pass for the children's museum here back at Spring Break. So I decided that would be good entertainment for four kids all by myself. This was our third time and I've pretty much seen the same things the last two times I went, so I wanted to venture to another part of the museum. After visiting the new exhibit on Leonardo de Vinci and the cattle part of the museum, we decided to go to Energy Blast of the exhibit. Who would see any harm in learning about natural gas and fossil fuels? I guess the first clue should have been the 3D glasses they handed us. I thought it was just part of the exhibit we were seeing. Then we walked into a theater - an interactive and way-too-scary-for-anyone-under-12 theater. I can't believe that someone didn't stop me before I went in there!

So I sit down with Campbell on my left knee, Nolan on my right knee and we're sandwiched between my two nieces, Adalyn and Avery. Lights go out and I'm already hearing murmurings of "Mooommmmmy?" That should have been my second clue. The theater seats moved like roller-coaster seats and when insects were on the screen something would grab at your feet, cold air would blast on your face and water would squirt on your face....sounds lovely for toddlers and 4-year-olds doesn't it? We lasted about 3 minutes in the movie and that was after a million times of saying, "It's not real honey" and "Don't look, just put your face in my shoulder." Next was the straw the broke the camels back. A huge T-Rex popped on the screen and roared. It's all just a blur now but I'm sure both my children could describe in detail what it looked like. It more or less looked like this, but imagine it with more saliva than a Saint Bernard stretched between his upper and lower 3D and looking like it wants to eat you.

Aaaaaannnnd that's when the surround sound crying began. Volume 10. Picture this, I'm trying to get off a roller-coaster in the middle of the ride with two kids on each of my knees and neither kid will let me put them down, wearing 3D glasses and I'm trying to corral two other children to find the nearest exit possible....oh I can't forget to pick up my stroller on the way and not disturb others' movie watching experience.

Yep, another Mom of the Year moment for me again. Nolan would NOT stop talking about it.  He told everyone about it at Vacation Bible School at church and poor Campbell keeps saying "dinsaur cary (scary)" I've totally traumatized my children! HELLO's a CHILDREN'S MUSEUM!?! Guess I better break out the bad dream spray tonight!


  1. I could eat those boys up they are so cute! I can totally relate - I was the biggest scaredy-cat as a kid (not saying your kids are, but I'm just saying I was scared of everything due to my crazy imagination). I'm sure my mom had many of those moments with me. You're a wonderful mom, so don't beat yourself up about it! You're a genius coming up with the bad dream spray.

  2. Funny story! One you will remember forever for sure! Thanks for the follow!

  3. I have an award for you waiting at my blog! Come by and pick it up!



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