Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And the award goes to…

This summer I've really had time to actually read other mom blogs and I'm so inspired from them. It's nice having this world of technology so you can connect with other moms. Yes, my writing is therapeutic some days but one of my greatest joys that I feel about being a mom blogger is the instant connection that I feel with other moms.

It's like when you're shopping and you see another mom and you don't think twice to ask her what she thinks about a car seat or what her son/daughter prefers when it comes to food. Or like the time that I overheard a mom tell her daughter at Target that she was so cute that she wants to eat her and I ran up to her and said, "I say that too!"

It's like that.

So I must say that I'm very honored to have received these awards these past couple of weeks. I have no idea what I'm doing blogging and it's all trial by error, as is the rest of my life. Thank you ladies for this ego boost! Makes me feel like all the time and effort I put into the blog isn't wasted. Someone is actually reading this thing!

from Chelsea at Adventures in Vandyland

There's rules for each of them but you know me, I think I'm special and don't have to follow the rules exactly. So I'm sort of combining what I like about each of them. 

So…here are 5 random things about me that you may not know. 

1. I was in the movie Leap of Faith with Steve Martin when I was in 8th grade. I remember going with a friend's youth group and literally being there for 12 hours and you can only see me flipping my hair for about 2 seconds in the movie. Still, I call it my claim to fame. 

2.  I always wanted a last name that started with "Mc". I just thought it had a good ring with Andrea. I remember thinking when I met Justin and found out that his last name started with "Mc" that I should really find out more about him.

 3. I love holidays...all of them. I love fireworks. They make me act like a 5 year old I swear. I'm totally obnoxious about Christmas music and like to decorate close to the Griswold level. 

4. I was adopted by my dad in 2nd grade. I distinctively remember praying that God would send me a dad as a little girl and He sent me the most loving, nurturing father I could have ever wanted. I've never met my biological father. I'm curious what he looks like since I'm the tallest thing that's happened to my family, but fear the hurt that it might cause my dad. 

 5. I love to sing to my children. I have always been self conscious about singing in front of others but singing to my children I feel safe from their judgment.

Next, I'm passing on some blogs that I'm really loving right now. Stop by and take a peek when you can. 

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  1. Oh my goodness THANK YOU! And I totally agree... it is such a nice feeling to connect with other moms and to be able to share a little bit about our lives with each other.

    Thank you for the award and you rock, lady!



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