Saturday, June 5, 2010

You know it's summer in Texas when...

The only time you can stand to be outside is when you're in a pool. We started off the Memorial Day weekend with Nolan's t-ball game at 10:00. You would think that it would be safe that early in the morning from the heat. Think again. Within 10 minutes, I had knee sweat running down my legs. Tell me again what I was thinking signing Nolan up for an outdoor sport through the end of June?

Nolan scored his first homeroom! WOOHOO! I'm loving t-ball more than soccer already (minus the heat). He did lap the kid ahead of him though and beat him to home. Talk about hustling!

We decided to celebrate the holiday on Saturday with the family so we could all have a nice relaxing Monday. We headed to our neighborhood pool. Could our boys be any different when it comes to swimming? Nolan, our cautious one,  had a floatie on nearly every appendage of his body. We've already gone swimming three times and by the end of the third day, he got rid of the ring and the noodle and was swimming with just his arm floaties. I think he's just building up his confidence and I'm glad that he'll be taking lessons again this summer.

 Nolan in the land of floaties

Campbell, on the other hand, OH.MY.GOODNESS! This boy has ZERO fear. He was jumping into the pool without floaties (we were right there to catch him) and going underwater like he's half fish. He scared me to death so many times, that I went out yesterday and bought him a nerdy life vest. I decided that if I'm going to go with both of them this summer by myself, it would give me more peace of mind to get both of them one.
 Campbell taking it all in
Could he be any happier at the pool?

Sorry for the blur but he's SOOO fast!
nothing but trouble...where does he get these faces?
Pools scare me to death...heard too many horror stories. So much for laying out by the pool and relaxing. Those days are long gone for years. Maybe I just need to bring a lot of snacks.

We had some great quality time with my parents, my sister and her girls. We had some yummy watermelon (how does my mom ALWAYS pick out the sweetest watermelon?) and corn on the cob...both of which the boys were big fans of. The boys are so crazy about their cousins. They blew bubbles, played with chalk outside and ran around.
Campbell giving some of his Campbell cuddles to his cousin Madison.
Bubble fun!
one of my favorites...
When that tongue is know he's up to something.

I think I might talk them into hanging out with me a lot this summer...instant entertainment and they are such great help for me with the boys. All in all, it was a fabulous weekend!


  1. Great post! Your camera is great and your pics are fantastic! Hope that you enjoy your summer and those boys!

  2. Girl, seriously that is one of your faces. Hilarious.



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