Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This time around

There are a couple of things that I've learned from my experience in motherhood. There are some things that I feel like we figured it out with Nolan and I want to do it the same. Then there's other things that I've realized, "Wow, if I had to do it again, I'd..." Poor Nolan, nothing like being the guinea pig when it comes to your childhood. Isn't that what we all are though, more or less?

One thing I learned to approach a different way is potty training. To put it lightly, it was H.E.L.L with Nolan. We were right in the middle of it when we brought Campbell into the world. Every book on potty training says to not do it when there's a big change in the home, but you know me, I think I can do it anyway. My doctor finally told me with boys to just plan on it not happening until he's 3, and if it happens before then, that I'm one of the lucky ones. I think I just needed to hear that and then I chilled out. Sure enough, on Nolan's 3rd birthday, it was like he was sprinkled with magical potty dust and it all clicked for him.

I've already decided that I'm not even going to push it with Campbell after all that I went through with Nolan. He's way more interested in it than Nolan ever was at this age though. He's seen Nolan use the potty and even sits down on the potty. We just smile and say good job and he's proud of himself just for sitting. The other night he "tried" going potty and I was about to go give him a bath so I didn't put a diaper on him. Can you see where this is going? You guessed it, he gave me a nice little surprise right on the floor. Now he keeps saying, "No poo poo on the floor. Poo poo on the potty."

So tonight we were out playing in the yard with a little inflatable pool for the boys. They were LOVING it. Then we saw Campbell's potty face and I knew we had to get him out of the pool quick. So not having time to put a diaper on him (plus he was soaked),  I ran him to the potty more out of convenience than anything else, and 5 seconds later, he poops in the potty! I started screaming because it surprised me so much. I think I scared him to death! Then when he realized I was happy screaming, he was just beaming and so proud of himself. He runs outside naked and tells his daddy, "Poo poo in potty!" Just goes to show you how different each child is when it comes to potty training.

I think it was all just timing on this one, and we have still have a loooong road ahead, but I was just so proud of him. I might just have to potty train him outside this whole summer... it seemed to work! Maybe this time around, I'll be one of the lucky ones my doctor talked about. Wishful thinking...


  1. I am lusting after your camera. Just sayin'....

  2. Too funny! I love it when the kids first poop in the potty. The look of surprise and the excitement us Mommies feel! Neala Rose is done--just can't risk the nighttime thing yet.

  3. Saw you were a new follower to my blog, now following you!! Your boys are too cute! Your pictures look amazing also! How far apart are your boys?! I have a 14 month old son and am about to have boy #2 in August! They will be 16 months apart! I am very excited for them to be best friends!!! :)



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