Friday, June 25, 2010

Fort Worth Scaredy Cats

To kick off Father's Day weekend, we packed up the boys and headed to a minor league Fort Worth Cats game. It's right by our house and it's so nice that we can kind of get our feet wet before he hit the major league baseball games with both boys. Last time, it didn't go so well with Nolan. Long story short... Nolan hates fireworks.

I'll admit I was preparing myself for a little bit of forced family fun since it was nearly 100 degrees that particular day and Campbell will not stay in any place for more than 5 seconds. But I was pleasantly surprised that both both were great during the game. Nolan was captivated by the players. Campbell was more captivated with the Cat mascot and pointed him out every minute of the game. We mentioned to Nolan that fireworks would be after the game. He seemed a little worried but said, "I'm going to be really brave, mommy. They're just lights in the sky, right mommy?" We just kept reassuring him that he was going to love them all the while thinking, "Hope he doesn't flip out."

I don't know what it is about baseball that just makes you happy. You just feel so American watching it. And the stadium is right by the river so we had a couple of people ride up on horses...only in Texas.

You could just see that Justin was eating up every second of having his boys there to watch the game with him.

Everything was going so well. I even thought for a, things are getting so much easier now that both boys are getting older. Why do I do that to myself? Why do I allow myself to let my guard down? The Cats won and then it was fireworks time. We didn't know the stadium was going to go pitch black.

Cue the meltdown...

Then the fireworks started....and so did the crying screaming. I know the people in front of us were hating us. Justin had Campbell and I had Nolan and in unison we were holding both of their ears and pleading for them to calm down. To make matters worse, we chose to sit closest to the fireworks and so they were really close. At this point we're so far away from the car that by the time we'd get to the car, the fireworks would be over. So we just toughed it out. It was one loooooong fireworks show. I think Nolan said, "Is it over yet?" at least 30 times.

That's it, I'm buying earmuffs for the 4th of July.


  1. Great post! Love the pics! Looks like you all had a blast... minus the fireworks! :) Hope you all have a good weekend!!

  2. I love the FFF! We seem to do alot of this as well. Just know that it provides lots of laughs for the rest of us!



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