Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All aboard the birthday train

Well my baby boy is two! Kids' birthday parties are so much fun to plan. I think it's the inner child inside of me that gets excited when it comes to planning them. Have I mentioned before how lucky it is to have a graphic artist husband?

 This year we kept it small...just family and my best friend. For Nolan's birthdays we've invited 50 people before and it just becomes too stressful and I have to remind myself that he's 2 and it's not a graduation party! It's that guilt I have of hurting someone's feelings...goes right along with my mother's guilt I have constantly.

Once again, my cake lady didn't disappoint.

I love that Campbell was scared when everyone sang him Happy Birthday. Don't worry, Campbell, I'm scared of you growing up too.

The toys and games were all well received. In fact, it was quite an undertaking to convince both boys that the toys would still be there after nap time.

For this miserable heat we've been experiencing, I can't complain too much. There was a breeze! Allelujah! God love my family and friends for suffering through the heat for my baby. We had a little help staying cool.

All the kids were decked out in their party favor hats and train whistles and waiting for that train.

We boarded the train and no one put up a fight. Well, except birthday boy…he was not going to let me take him out of his Granddad's lap. It's too bad he doesn't spoil him or anything ;)

The train ride was a success. Saw tons of squirrels, horses (only in Texas), and even a raccoon!

And it was hard seeing that train leave…

It's hard to believe this one's birthday is right around the corner. Better start planning…


  1. Awe...everything is so cute and it looks so fun.

    I love the cake, and invitations! Choo choos are always a great theme for little guys.

    Hayden turns 2 in July 25th and Layla turns 5 in July also. My July is busy planning and throwing parties!

    Have a great day :)

  2. Adorable invitations! Justin is so talented. Your pictures look awesome too! Those classes are paying off. I plan on doing some this fall. Can't wait!

  3. What a great bday idea - trains! Looked like a wonderful party, and the cake is awesome. I like keeping the parties small too, so much less stress.

  4. Everything looks like it turned out great! I love the theme and adorable conductors hats!



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