Thursday, July 1, 2010

A new obsession has begun

On my to-do list this summer was to take some photography classes and some photo-editing classes from Jessica Sprague. I am in LOVE! I just finished my first course with Photoshop and I'm completely addicted. I won't even mention how late I've been staying up playing. It's embarrassing.

The class is self-paced so there have been lots of nap times where I've been working away and it's so nice having a husband that I can ask when I get stuck. I'll tell you, if you ever need a confidence booster, just take the class. It's very basic and explains everything step-by-step. Here are my first attempts at it.

I haven't taken the photography class just yet, but just reading up on it for now. So much for getting anything else off my list this summer. This is so addictive!

1 comment:

    You can come take pics for me ANYTIME! I have been thinking about looking into photoshop...sold!



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