Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet me in St. Louis

I can't believe that I actually did it...I extended our already long road trip with two kids 4 and under. I guess you could say that I had cabin fever, or that I was not thinking clearly. After I said, "Let's do it," I already had that oh my goodness what did I just say feeling. But now that Campbell's two, it looks like we're be roadtrippin' it a lot. Airfare is insane for a family of four. So we went from a 3 state road trip to an 8 state road trip. Wow.

After our stay at the lake house in Missouri, we packed up and headed to Kentucky so Justin and I could have a delayed anniversary night. So, yes, essentially we drove 8 hours to have a date night. How sad is that? But for any of you parents out there, I think you can relate. It wasn't just for a date night, we wanted to be able to see more of Justin's family and we pretty much fit them all in.

St. Louis was three hours from the lake house, a perfect stopping point for the boys (and me). None of us had ever been there, and I couldn't drive through St. Louis without getting some photos of the arch.

So we made our little pit stop. What a fun town. I really would love to go back BUT not in the summer. Holy smokes, I felt like I was in the swamps of Louisiana. I've never felt humidity like that in my life. We were all completely "glistening" after five minutes outside the car.

We asked a lady to take our picture and she pulled one of those take the camera and run jokes on us. I've never seen Justin so panicked. We actually touched the bottom of the arch!

Even though it felt like we were in a sauna, the best part was just letting the boys get energy out on the huge lawn. We let them run and play enough to break a sweat (which wasn't very hard).

We managed to get a couple of shots before Nolan complained about the heat.

The chances of us getting this photo with no one else around was pretty hard to believe. I think this shot might just have made all the sweat worth it. It's one of my new favs.

St. Louis, I'll meet you again, but maybe in the fall.


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