Monday, July 5, 2010

Splash Bash

I'm on photo overload right now with my newest Photoshop obsession so bear with me. I have some good friends that are mostly stay-at-home moms and they have play days on Fridays. So during the summer, I pretend like my husband is outrageously rich (yeah right, remember he's an artist?) and pretend to be a stay-at-home mom for the summer.

One of the moms has this fun splash park in her neighborhood and we all load our kids up. Last year was not so much fun. Campbell was only crawling and Nolan was at the peak of his scared of water on his face phase.

This year was a blast. As I've mentioned before, pools make me a nervous wreck so it's nice not worrying that one of them is drowning. I actually got to sit and talk…well, mostly. Minus the time that Campbell kept going repeatedly to someone's bags and stealing their chips. What is up with my children stealing food? I swear I feed them! That's all they ever do it seems!

Yeah, I'd definitely say that we had a blast…

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