Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swim Lessons

We're done with swim lessons! I thought it was going to be a waste of time and money that there were only eight lessons and 30 minutes at that! Wow, I'm amazed at how much it did for him.

Rewind to two weeks ago…when we wouldn't go to the pool without at least 3 forms of flotation devices. He wouldn't jump in the pool even if I put out my hands and was terrified if I took the noodle away from him even if I was holding onto him.

Now, he's jumping in without holding my hands, lying on his back to float, and get ready for this…

He's putting his head under water! Do you hear the clouds parting and the angels singing "Alleluia"? I can't believe it. When he was a baby, he had two sets of ear tubes and our doctor told us to not get water in his ears (which I later found out to be untrue) and I attribute that to his fear of water on his face.

Last summer, I took a 'Mommy and Me' class with Campbell and they had us dunking those babies under the water left and right. Campbell loves to swim now and doesn't even mind going under water. That's another one of those things I learned to do better the second time around.

Hopefully by next year, we can shed the floaties all together but I'm so proud of how far my little fish has come.

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