Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walk of shame

It's so fun every summer (in my world of make-believe when I once again pretend to be a stay-at-home mom) to take the boys to go have lunch with Justin at work. Nolan sees the volleyball and basketball courts outside along with their ponds and fully loaded gym and thinks we're having lunch at Chuck E. Cheese. I can't blame him.

At first the boys are timid and shy, but after one second, they were done with that. Nolan made himself right at home at his daddy's desk.

We went around to say hi to some of Justin's co-workers which soon lead into a game…a very loud, embarrassing one. Two seconds after this picture was taken, Campbell headed the other way down the hall cackling and giggling. He helped himself to some pens off of someone's desk. Trying to find him the corn cube maze proved to be challenging.

Once we played our game of hide-and-seek, we made the quickest exit to the cafeteria, or as we call it often times in our house, the "walk of shame".

All that playing and running stirred up Nolan's eczema and apparently he had scabs on his ankles and they came off. So never-mind the blood trail that we made as we walked to the cafeteria. I'm not kidding when I say walk of shame, people.

Next, we stopped to look at the pond and saw koi that could easily weigh as much as Campbell. I was lucky enough to catch these great shots of Nolan but had to do some editing to crop out the bloody ankles. When I asked Nolan is I should get a picture of his ankle, he replied, "No mommy, that would be weird."

Will embarrassing games of hide-and-seek and bloody ankles keep us away?

No way.


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