Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sense of Accomplishment

Warning: this may be a boring post for those of you who don't scrapbook.

Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time on these darn scrapbooks, especially with boys. They probably couldn't care less. I, on the other hand, could look for hours at pictures of my grandmother or parents growing up. I think it's the fact that I hardly have any pictures of myself as a little girl, so it's this overwhelming need of mine to OVER document my children's lives minute by minute.

But then, when I'm feeling nostalgic and look back at the albums, I'm really glad that I do it. I feel such a sense of accomplishment, and it really does help me remember little details of the event.

So, in an effort to feel like I didn't just spend 4 days scrapbooking just for them to go sit on a shelf, I'm sharing them with you.


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