Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to reality

You know that feeling when you come back from vacation and you're already sad that it's over and wishing that it would just last a little longer? Yeah, that's where my head is today. Some girlfriends of mine booked a scrapbooking weekend a year ago because this place was booked until then. And now I can see why…talk about deluxe. I've been on scrapbooking trips before and they were so much fun, but this one just had it all.

Let me first say, that the day before I left for my girls trip was terrible. I'm talking about one of those oh-my-goodness-I-can't-make-it days with the kids. I felt like I screamed at them ALL.DAY.LONG. I hate those days. Besides them exhausting me, they make me feel like such a terrible mom. I even texted Justin one of those "Hey are you coming home early?" texts. So, this getaway could not have come at a more perfect time.

We headed to McKinney, TX pretty much in the boonies to Memory Lane Inn. I was as excited about this as a little girl going to camp because that's totally what it felt like. It was so quaint and the perfect set up. We had views of horses, bunnies and even a few goats. Do you see the little cottontail bunny in the bottom left?

We ran through the house like it was our own version of Extreme Home Makeover…like we owned the place or something.  There's room to sleep 12 and there were 6 six in our group. Here was our Lofty Ladies room.

And our bathroom.

And that's when completely lost our minds like we were at Disneyland. We jumped and laughed so hard because Angi hit the fan with her hands.

Angi's been my best friend since we were in 5th grade and we've definiely had about a million sleepovers at each others' houses. But this hands down, was our funnest sleepover ever.

After we took our Retalin, we checked out more of the house.

We checked out the work room and you couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces. We had everything we needed for four days.

So we got to work…fast.

And watched chick flick after chick flick including Glee: Season 1. My addiction has begun.

Battle wounds didn't even slow us down.

Oh, and did I mention that we had a chef come and cook our meals? And that they served and cleaned up every meal too? I think I gained 10 lbs. It was a good thing I wore elastic pajama bottoms all weekend.

We stayed up late every night. I'm talking 2-3 a.m. each night. It's like we were on scrap crack. You lose all track of time and it's just so much fun that you don't want to sleep to miss any of it. We laughed so hard about stories of our husbands and children. Normally when I do these trips, I'm up and ready to go home early Sunday, but we stayed every possible second we could this weekend. It was hard to say goodbye and I can't wait til we get to go again.


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