Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Go away bad dreams!

As you know, Nolan has at least 2 nights a week where he wakes up screaming as if someone is scalding him with hot water from his nightmares. It was at its worst after the big wreck that we barely missed last year. I understand the trauma in that one for sure but still don't understand why he's having nightmares still. I swear he lives in a bubble and the scariest thing he may watch on TV may be Mater from Cars. One morning after being weary eyed and groggy from a nightmare night, I mentioned how I'm at a loss about these nightmares to my mentor teacher at school, Beth. She had an awesome idea. She told me that she used to give her girls "bad dream spray" and every time her girls had bad dreams she would spray them away so that they wouldn't come back again. Her girls loved it and kept their bad dream repellent on their night stands. Hey, I'll give it a try. You know me...I need my sleep!

One night about a month ago, I tried it and it worked! Well last night, it was another nightmare night. He was hysterical and I was trying to calm him down. Through his tears, he tells me that he wants me to get the spray. Being that I'm half asleep and I only did it once and it was a month ago, I totally think he's talking in his sleep and making no sense. Then finally after he repeated it about four times, I remember the nightmare repellent. So I go to get the spray and hurry back. Picture this, it's 4:30 in the morning. I'm stumbling and I'm spraying water, ummm I mean the nightmare repellent in all four corners of the room. It seems to appease him and he goes back to sleep. Now I just need to teach him that he can spray this nightmare repellent himself.

So I come downstairs and Justin asks if he was ok. I slip back into bed but couldn't fall back asleep for awhile because I was feeling a little damp from the spray. I'm wondering when he's going to catch on that the nightmare repellent is the same stuff I put in his hair in the morning before I brush his hair.

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  1. Mike came up with "scary spray" when Isaiah was scared at night. He started being scared of his windows and of shadows. At first he used vinegar that we had in a spray bottle, but quickly located another bottle he could put water in. So now we have scary spray. A lot of times Isaiah doesn't need it. But this week, with Mike out of town, we've been heavy on the scary spray. It's amazing how well water in a spray bottle works!



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