Thursday, February 5, 2009

It was bound to happen

"But I just..." Can I tell you how many times I hear that phrase daily from my 3 year old? Apparently, Justin tells me he invented that phrase as a child and his mom constantly got on to him to stop...I can see why! As a teacher, I'm a stickler for being disrespectful. The words "huh", "what?, or "yea" are not uttered in my classroom and I try to instill the same thing in my boys (well I will do the same with Campbell when he says something other than "dada" all the time). Sometimes, I wonder if my students have any sort of manners being taught at home with what I see at school.

Well lately Mr. Nolan has had quite the lip lately at school and been defiant. So now his teacher is probably saying the same thing about my kid that I'm saying about other people's children! One day I found out he was yelling at Mrs. Marla and had to go to timeout (rightfully so!) so now I check to see if he made good choices at school everyday. He knows that if he did, he gets a sticker and after 10 stickers he gets a prize i.e. watching a favorite show, getting to stay up 30 minutes later to play, etc.

He's always been brutally honest even if it incriminates himself but today he was on the playground and as I'm getting out of the car he's screaming, "I didn't yell at Mrs. Marla today or push Cayden!" I was pretty proud of him but a little embarrassed that he screamed it so loud across the parking lot. Well I stop by the office to talk with the director and come to find out, Nolan Case (as I refer to him when he's in trouble) has been in the office almost everyday this week because of his "No fits." Looks like someone has discovered that honesty is overrated. We definitely had a talk tonight and threatened to take away his puzzles which are is source of entertainment for hours. He does them over and over again each night. The director did comment how he's normally really well behaved and extremely smart (tell me about really, tell me more!) She thinks that Nolan might be bored in class and starting to act out. Oh great, I can't wait to see what kindergarten has in store for us!

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