Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did you hear that?

Nolan has been in the habit of not wanting to eat at dinnertime lately and then right before bedtime pulling the infamous, "but I'm hungry" routine. Last night we stood our ground and told him "too bad so sad" even though it was REALLY hard especially when he knows exactly how to get me, but I resisted. Tonight he ate his dinner after some coaxing, of course. As I was getting Campbell ready for bed, he told me that he was hungry again. Since he ate all his dinner I told him he could have some applesauce. So like a big boy, he went downstairs, ate his applesauce and even put his bowl in the sink. Afterwards, he was shouting upstairs to me.

N: Did you hear that mommy?

A: What, honey?

N: My tummy! It said 'I'm still hungry!'

I remember back just half a year ago when I wondered how in the world he was ever going to survive on fruit snacks and goldfish. Friends kept reassuring me that it was a phase and someday I would wish that he would stop eating so much because the grocery bill will be so much. We're not there yet, but I can see it coming!

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