Monday, July 25, 2011

Lazy 4th

I'm only 3 weeks late on this post! Ugh. Is this a preview of life with family of five? I can't keep up!

The 4th this year was pretty uneventful. I had just gotten back from my girls' trip and those nights of staying up to 3:00 a.m. had caught up with me for sure. In the early afternoon we went to our friends' house to go swimming. I so wish I would have remembered to bring the camera. They have a diving board so the boys think their pool is way cooler than our neighborhood pool.

 Campbell was absolutely fearless jumping off the diving board too many times to count. Nolan was more cautious and not really into being such a daredevil. Funny thing is only a week later he was swimming (like really swimming) underwater, no floaties at all and jumping off the side. "In their own time" could not be more of an appropriate phrase when it comes to my oldest son.

Grandma and Granddad came over. We grilled out and had the traditional 4th of July meals...burgers, potato salad and all the fixin's. It was a scorcher, as always, so I brought the boys in the front yard to at least get a few shots of them on the 4th since I forgot it at the swim party.

Campbell was really into Bandit being a photo prop. These boys have become best buds with Bandit this summer. They just love on him all the time. Poor dog, we're so busy taking care of the boys that he just eats up their affection.

My mom recently had a bad fall and pretty much caught herself with her face. She had to have surgery. She's doing much better now. So with me being in my third trimester and needing to potty every 30 minutes and her surgery we thought it was a good year to be low key and not go see fireworks. In case you're new to the blog. We have the WORST luck trying to see fireworks. For years now, it seems like we can just never get it right.


I felt like I was disappointing the boys and was feeling a little bit of mother's guilt until we realized that we could go upstairs to the boys' room and see all the fireworks in the comfort our our a/c!

So even though it was uneventful, I was pretty darn exhausted so I guess it was smart that we didn't attempt to watch fireworks. The a/c was much better!

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