Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Last summer I was cranking out posts at least every other day. I was editing photos almost daily and out and about shuffling between the pool, the museum and dozens of playdates. Fast forward a year later and after anywhere from 3-11 bathroom trips during the middle of the night, I'm ready for a nap after breakfast.

So needless to say, my posts are WAY behind but I was hoping the first paragraph might get me a few sympathy votes. Vacation Bible School was actually the very first week of summer. I have thrown all chronology out the window when it comes to this blog.

This year our VBS theme had to do with being good stewards of God's Earth. Justin played the guitar throughout the week and our VBS is for ages 3 and up. At the time Campbell was only 2 but about to turn 3 so they allowed him to come.


He put up a good act when he "caught a bubble" and made a duck tail down the hall that he was going to be good but the little stinker was a handful the first day but improved throughout the week.

Anytime there's an arts and crafts activity, I know Nolan's all in. Believe it or not, but Campbell actually was interested more than 2 seconds too!


The kids got to try a variety of fruits and vegetables from Farmer's Markets. Most they liked. Others...not so much.

They also painted ladybug houses.

This picture of Campbell with the red paint on his face reminds me of Tears of a Clown. Thank goodness for aprons and washable paint!


Later they released lady bugs in our community garden. Notice my boys, a step back from the ladybugs. Because you know ladybugs are so scary and mean and all. 


They would rather watch from a distance.

A nursery across the street donated trees to every kid. Shhh, ours is still in the bucket. Picking up a shovel in 105 degree heat 7 months pregnant isn't exactly up there on my priority list. 

The boys got to also help plants some trees at church. Getting their hands dirty didn't seem to be an issue with them at all. 


Maybe once we finally get a break, we can put our tree in the ground and I can use them as child labor. 

Until then, we'll just have to keep watering our tree everyday so it won't die! 

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  1. Yeah for Janet making a guest appearance in your photos. She would be so excited!



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