Saturday, July 2, 2011

Soul Sisters

Sometimes there are things that happen in the universe that happen to freak me out a little bit. Some might call it coincidence or others, fate.

My best friend, Angi, and I have been best friends since 5th grade. We seems to live parallel lives and now I'm even more convinced. She was pregnant with her twins the same time as I was with Campbell. We were due two weeks apart. Her twins came a little earlier than expected and are 11 days older than Campbell.

She became pregnant again back in the fall and her due date was the exact same day that I had with Campbell (July 8th) and we found out that we were pregnant a week later. This time our due dates a week apart. Sadly, we miscarried but were pregnant again withing a couple of months.

Well, wouldn't you know that she had her precious girl June 28th, on Campbell's birthday. What are the chances?

Rylan Tate Tims
7 lbs. 7 oz
19 inches

Isn't she so beautiful? And I'm not just saying that because she's my BFF. I couldn't believe that now our children share a birthday. So here we are exactly three years later at the same hospital going to see her precious baby girl. By the way, it was a surprise what she was having (although my gut was a girl the whole time). And I couldn't be happier that we're both having girls just weeks apart from each other. 

It was such a great trial run for the boys to see where Landry was going to be born and to get a sneak peek at a newborn. There were eating it up.

Campbell seemed to be the most intrigued by such a little person and even wanted to smell her.

 It really got me excited about things to come and seeing the boys' excitement was priceless.

I couldn't stop staring at Rylan and all this coincidence led me to another discovery. We've finally decided on a middle name last week for Landry....Kate. I've always loved that name and just think it's so classic. I recently discovered that both Justin and my great grandmother's name was Katie. So it just fits perfect.

On my way to the hospital to visit Angi, I realized that Rylan Tate and Landry Kate will have rhyming names. I swear that we DID NOT plan that.

I recently read that the best way you can show your friends that you love them is by loving their children. Well, after holding Rylan today and staring at her like she was mine, Angi should have no doubt about my love for her.

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  1. I know I'm emotional b/c I just had a baby, but I'm sitting at the computer after reading your post bawling my eyes out! I can't even express what a blessing you are in my life! I love you!!



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