Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dallas Arboretum

I figured I better blog about this before it's Christmas time. My parents and I packed up Landry and headed to Dallas to go check out the Dallas Arboretum. I've always wanted to go to check out if I want to use it for one of my photo session locations.

 Even though Dallas is only an hour away, sometimes it seems like it's across the country now that we have kids. Even when we went this particular morning it took us nearly two hours with traffic.

But all traffic complaining aside, it was amazing. And 100% worth it. I'm totally sold on using it for locations. It was seriously my fall fantasy land.

All my favorite colors exploded everywhere. I don't know what it is about fall that gets me to this ultimate happy place but it does it me every single time.

The funniest part was that there were literally hundreds of pumpkins a gourds and my daughter always seemed to find the ugliest ones that had warts and hold them for the pictures. It made me a little happy though that she didn't judge based on beauty.

We had lunch there and it was literally the perfect fall day. I'm so glad we made the trip. Love that we discovered a new little jewel not too far from us. I'm just sad that Justin and the boys weren't with us. We wanted to go back over the Thanksgiving break but this nasty weather has pretty much ruined those plans.

Landry felt right at home and even threw a princess fit over getting out of the carriage. 

So eternally grateful for the memories made doing things like this.

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