Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pick of the Patch

Everyone at this point knows that I'm psycho for fall. If you didn't know, you will soon be convinced.

I torture pump my family up about the patch every year. Actually, usually if there's anyone being tortured it's usually me and my husband, who's a good sport to every session that I drag him along to. He seriously deserves a medal.

We've gone to a patch I think every year since Nolan was a toddler but Halls Pumpkin Patch is our absolute favorite patch. They have the best fall setup ever and the kids absolutely love it. It's like fall threw up everywhere. My fall spastic meter is off the charts. I can smell pumpkins a mile away. It's my party trick.

While I'm loving every single second of my new role where I work from home/am a full time Mommy/designated chauffeur/full time photographer, the only bummer is that October is full of soccer games, practice twice a week, photo shoots galore, and it all coincides a little with my fall freak obsession. And all this rain is really literally raining on my fall parade. Seriously, why can't it rain at night only?

So we changed things up a bit and headed to the patch during the week which is a first for us because this family knows ain't no one keeping Mama from her pumpkin patch. But now, I gotta say I won't do it any other way. It was a ghost town compared to what it normally is on the weekend, where you have about 50 people photo bombing every photo. Your kid screaming because he wants a ride on the tractor and people giving you stare down because you want a picture of your kid's 8 seconds of fame on that tractor. But wait, they're not looking. Look over here kids...oh, just forget it.

The food is delicious. Don't believe me?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

There was no getting that corn out of the grip of her chubby dimpled hands. Here are the other 1,957 reasons why I'm obsessed with fall.



And just when we were headed home, I got my biggest fall fix with this.

And that's a wrap on Fall Obsession 2013.

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