Thursday, October 22, 2009

More flags, more fun!

Justin's work, Alcon, has a big family day every year where they pay for everything...and I mean everything including food and souvenirs. Usually it's at the zoo or at Six Flags. It was originally scheduled in September, back during our monsoon days when it rained for a month it seemed. So they put out some rescheduled dates and we went this past weekend. It was the most PERFECT weather. I was a little nervous about going with the boys since Nolan is scared of his shadow and I've never really checked out the "kids" section of Six Flags.

It turned out to be a blast. Nolan was riding all kinds of rides. There were a couple that he looked at and quickly shook his head and we just didn't force him. Some of them were really fast though and he was a champ. It was Fright Night though and they had some really scary looking people walking around like zombies but we did a good job of distracting them the other way. The last thing we need is something else to give him nightmares. Campbell even rode a couple of rides and it was the cutest thing ever. They ask me if we wanted to put him on some of the rides but I'm just too neurotic of a mother to do that just yet....knowing how Campbell climbs out of things.

My first date with Justin was 10 years ago this month and at Six Flags. I asked him out (I still give him grief for that one) and it was the best first date I've ever had. It was so much fun 10 years later being at the same place, the same month and seeing what all has happened in that span of time. What made it even better was that it was just as fun as our first date.

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