Friday, October 30, 2009

Not so Itsy bitsy spider

This week the boys were back at school, thank goodness. Nothing like paying for a week of daycare and not using it at all. It has been a busy week with costume parades, parties and all sorts of festivities. The good thing about teaching is that most days I get off of work earlier than I did when I was working in the corporate world. The bad thing is that it makes it almost impossible to go to things of theirs at school during the day. They had a costume parade at school that I would have loved to go to but just couldn't. So out of guilt, I "labored" over these spider cupcakes for their parties. I know, can you believe that I made cupcakes after Nolan's baseball cupcake fiasco? I just never learn, do I?

It ended up being a family affair and we got them done pretty quickly minus Nolan slipping in an M&M here and there along with some Twizzler bites. AND lesson learned from last time, they were put in the fridge so the tops wouldn't fall off! I was pretty proud with how they turned out knowing my bad luck with baking cupcakes. The things we mothers do out of guilt...

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